Corporate Profile

Global Innovative Company For Future Mobility

Human Horizons is an innovative, mobility technology company aimed to build reliable autonomous driving solutions with its ‘3-Smart’ strategy of Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City.

Human Horizons upholds a human-oriented philosophy, initiated from human needs and based on human intelligence. The company is building on R&D for innovative and leading intelligent mobility technologies as well as the industrialization of future-oriented smart vehicles. Furthermore, Human Horizons builds smart transportation technologies, contributes to the development of smart cities and will redefine mobility.

Human Horizons’ business focuses on 5 major areas: (1) all-new smart vehicle technologies and manufacturing, (2) Internet of Vehicles (IoV) and advanced open-platform autonomous driving, (3) vehicle, charging network and energy resource sharing, (4) smart transportation applications and (5) smart city development.

International Committee Of Science And Technology – Think Tank

Human Horizons’ Think Tank boasts of former executives of leading international companies, IoV and autonomous driving experts, top vehicle development engineers and leading international vehicle designers. More than half hold a Ph.D. or Master’s Degree. The Human Horizons International Science & Technology Advisory Committee chaired by Academic C.C. Chan, who is regarded as the ‘Father of EVs in Asia’, brings together top scientists from around the world to form a powerful think tank for Human Horizons to bring its ‘3-Smart’ strategy to life.


Mr. Chan is considered the founder of the World Electric Vehicle Association, the father of EVs in Asia, an expert on new energy vehicles and E-Powertrain. At the same time, he also holds five academic titles: academic of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, academic of the Hong Kong Academy of Engineering Sciences, academic of the Royal Academy of Engineering, academic of the Ukrainian Academy of Engineering Sciences and academic of Churchill College of Cambridge University. Mr. Chan has served as senior consultant of Honda, Samsung and Ford, and chairman of Asia-Pacific Electric Vehicle Association.

Zhuoping Yu

Mr. Yu is a professor of Tongji University, director of the National Intelligent New Energy Vehicle Collaborative Innovation Center, Fellow of the China Society of Automotive Engineering. The key expert of the "New Energy Vehicles" of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the vice chairman of the China Automotive Engineering Society, and the director of the 100-member electric vehicle.

Weiguang Yao

"China Express International Science and Technology Commission" aims to bring together the world's top scientists, senior scholars and think tanks to explore future-oriented science and technology, especially artificial intelligence, auto-driving, intelligent transportation and smart cities, for the purpose of changing human future travel and building a better human life. Top-level strategic consultation, such as potential research and judgment, enterprise strategy insight, innovation technology evaluation, science and technology forward-looking research, etc.

Xin Guan

Since 1993, Mr. Guan presided over the construction of the Chinese state-owned key laboratory, and was responsible for the development of China's first automobile performance simulator, which passed the national acceptance test with the recognition of being the world leading and Asia’s first. He took the lead in putting forward the modeling theory and simulation method of vehicle dynamics and vehicle speed and control. The research results have been applied to more than ten types of passenger, commercial and military vehicles of mainstream independent-development enterprises in China through the 863 Project Program of the 11th Five-Year Plan and other provincial and ministerial projects.

Volker Schindler

Mr. Schindler has extensive of experience in urban planning, traffic management and automobile R&D. He was the former Vice President of R&D of BMW in Germany; Dean of the School of Mechanical and Transportation of the Technical University of Berlin, focusing on the transportation and automotive sectors, and cultivating a large number of academic and industry leaders in the European market.

Jianping Shen

General Manager of the Shanghai Automobile Inspection and Secretary of the Party Committee, Mr. Shen is a well-known automobile engineering expert and a seasoned leader in the industry with nearly 30 years of automotive engineering and development experience. Specifically, in vehicle planning, R&D, technology management, production and manufacturing, vehicle testing and vehicle standards research. Technology accumulation. His "Parallel Hybrid Power Drive System and Its Driving Method" has been awarded the National Invention Certificate and he has received the title of Outstanding Operator of Modern Service Industry in 2016 and 2017.

Our Team

Human Horizons’ international team consists of over 900 members representing seven countries with backgrounds in various industries such as Internet, AI, vehicle engineering, and parts manufacturing.