Human Horizons' patented Advanced Chassis Control Steering Integration

The world's first electric-mechanical “movable aero wheel cover” providing further aero effiency

Hub-motor Steering

Four-wheel Hub-motor

Maximum output of 6000Nm torque. The integrated gearbox is directly placed in each hub with the four hub-motors. The high transmission efficiency and low energy consumption simplifies the chassis and improves the performance of the vehicle

Flexible Extended Chassis Structure

1000 km ultra-long range

No range anxiety for a worry-free intercity travel experience

800V voltage platform

Charge up to 1000 km in 15 minutes;
Efficient experience of ultra-fast charging similar to petroleum-fuel cars;
Efficient experience of ultra-fast charging similar to petroleum-fuel cars

Millisecond-level Active Suspension

Real-time detection of road conditions, real-time adjustment of suspension damping, with consideration of both control and comfort


Re-Configurable Cockpit Electric Steering System Uses

Drive-by-wire technology and a steering wheel that can be moved to any of the 3 seating positions within the vehicle enabling any one of the 3 passengers to drive


Electronic Advanced Surreal Environment Feature

A massive interior screen that provides visual online connection and provides virtual images such as a surreal visual of clouds in a blue sky to create any environment you desire


PDLC Enclosure Advanced Cockpit Entry

In autonomous mode, with the aid of high-tech PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass - provides better relaxation and privacy by being able to alter the degree of the side window transparency from transparent to opaque


Articulated Cabin Entry System
A synchronized articulated door system that not only aids ingress and egress but looks fascinating – like a beetle opening its wings – in operation

Adaptive Autonomous Driving

Through creating a new system of internal and external communication tools that are adaptive and self-learning to provide a new level of customer experience that can continuously evolve over time