Co-creation is the only way to build a brand with true vitality

This is a brand created with innovation that resonates with its users. Together with all relevant parties to create a platform and ecosystem that is targeting a new era of smart vehicles. Our brand values and brand vision are integrated into our business life cycle and products, to explore the relationship between humans and the world with our users, and imagine how the future will unfold. A brand must connect with all relevant parties. A brand is meaningless without resonance with its customers.

Brand Spirit

“To explore, to be free and to create”, we embody these values when building the DNA of our products and services, co-creating with prospective users and brand partners.

To Be Free

The most important element of being free is the freedom of thought. People who demonstrate this are those who constantly break through borders and challenge conventions. They can think freely and are able to create without limits.

To Explore

Exploration is the constant discovery of the unknown and the courage to pursue seemingly unreachable goals. And to view the world from a different perspective, ignoring conventional constraints.

To Create

Creation is the everlasting effort to generate values. Those who create turn innovation into reality.


To create a closer “connection” between human beings and the world, to create a diverse world with harmony.

We'd like to partner with like-minded people, and encourage the young-and-brave at heart to explore the unknown without fear. To open the door to the new era with 'Hi', and follow the golden ratio (Phi), to unleash one's potential and create a diverse world with harmony. The Greek letter, Phi, can be used in more elegant ways to create aesthetics and visual harmony in any branch of the design arts. Human Horizons'logo encompasses oriental elements of symmetry and the golden ratio used extensively in composition and design.