HiPhi X

Premium Supercar-Inspired SUV

HiPhi Philosophy

  Breaking through traditional design, each line is not only stunning, but also catering a new level of customer
    experience Unprecedented consideration and care for all occupants and a new “standard” for premium.

  Seamless internal and external communication, becoming a node in the city, connecting to the outside world.

  “Super Brain” provides a secured open platform and creates rich scenarios and solutions.

  Full vehicle-level “personalization”, can continuously evolve to be more intelligent.

  Industry leading safety level, defining future automotive safety standards.

“Light Sculpting”design philosophy

HiPhi X NT Doors System

Intelligent interactive display system

More than 500 sensors deployed in the full vehicle

Smart vehicle equipped with standard 5G + V2X
        communication network

L3 autonomous driving

HOA secured open electronic/electrical architecture

HiPhi X Exterior

Programmable Light Projection Headlights

The automotive world's first application of 2nd generation programmable light projection headlights. As the display carrier of high-definition information, it can realize pixel-level control and is user-defined. In addition, it opens a new dimension for autonomous driving, strengthens ADAS, and overall smart vehicle and human-vehicle interaction. The headlight system shows the aesthetic advantages of the lighting technology and embodies the sense of technology and connectivity.

Smart lighting

Smart reminder

Smart tracking

Smart interaction

Intelligent Signal Display

Integrates LED lamps into micromirrors, the 1.3-megapixel system increases the effective field of view to achieve a more dynamic vehicle-person interaction.

A true “personalization”

Enhances traditional reminding prompts

Amplifies the occupant’s emotion

Part of the vehicle’s aesthetic appearance

Aerodynamic Design of Supercars

The impeccable combination of supercar aesthetics and sports elements to maximize the principles of aerodynamics.

Increases endurance

Noise reduction

Enhances handling

23 inch turbofan hub, non-rotational emblem

The 23 inch turbofan wheel hub provides a strong visual impact, the non-rotational emblem means the logo is constantly upright-oriented giving visual brand recognition.

HiPhi X Smart Entry And Exit

The world's first NT Doors system with a combination of programmable light projection headlights and Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) brings ultra-high recognition and a sense of ritual.

HiPhi X NT Doors System

NT Doors, an innovative new door system, breaks the tradition of luxury coach doors and adds gull-wing doors. To ensure that the rear occupants can ingress and egress elegantly in an upright posture. All doors can be opened and closed independently and electrically, and the opening angle can be determined intelligently based on the allowed space, bringing unprecedented ingress and egress experience.


HiPhi X Interactive 9 Screen Design

Developed with a space capsule-like layout with the consideration for enhanced interactions.

Co-pilot Entertainment Center

According to the design of the digital era, the instrument panel (IP) replaces the traditional glove box with a nearly 20 inch co-pilot screen, creating a spacious front cabin. Equipped with leg rests, ventilation, heating, and massage seats to provide the most comfortable and digital entertainment for occupants.

Back Rows

The second row is equipped with 8-way electronically adjustable seats, including left, right, and lateral movements. As well as ventilation, heating, massage and leg rests, providing the most comfortable traveling experience.

Back Rows

The second row is equipped with 8-way electronically adjustable seats, including left, right, and lateral movements. As well as ventilation, heating, massage and leg rests, providing the most comfortable traveling experience.

Consideration-for-all Seating Layout

Continue to break through the traditional concept of the cabin space, to move beyond being a six-seater. To pursue the design concept of spaceships, to rebuild the relationship of human-computer interactions, so that every occupant can enjoy the courtesy.


Powerful Hardware

Rear Wheel Steering

Smart Air Suspension

High Performance Steel Aluminum Body

Digital Communication

  More than 500 sensors are deployed in the vehicle to completely
    perceive the changes in the environment, people, and the vehicle itself.

  For the first time in China, 5G + V2X is equipped as the standard to truly
    realize the communication between the vehicle and the outside world.
    The Hiphi X has reached L3 autonomous driving ability, which is an
    indispensable technology for ultimate unmanned driving.

  The first to carry six computing platforms, with “Super Brain” thinking

  The world's first exclusive HOA secured open EE architecture, providing
    a software developer-enabled platform and creating more dynamic
    solutions and scenarios.


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