Premium Supercar-Inspired SUV

Design Philosophy

Human Horizons proposes a strategic blueprint for smart vehicles in the future through innovative thinking in the three dimensions of H.U.A (H – Vehicle Technologies, U – V2X Collaboration, A - Connectivity & Sharing). 
Future smart vehicles should have three fundamental characteristics: a node within the city, connecting the vehicle to the world of IoT, IoE and Internet; a software-developer enabled platform, creating an environment of dynamic solutions; continuously self-learning and adapts to becoming more intelligent.
HiPhi 1 is a truly future-oriented product that goes beyond being a conventional transportation device, it is a true smart vehicle.

Forward Development Of The Electric Platform

“NT Doors” System

Programmable Light Projection Headlights

ISD(Intelligent Signal Display) Interactive Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) System

Asymmetrical IP Design

The First Production Car With A 5G-V2X Enabled Communication Network

5 Advanced Dual Redundancy Systems


Programmable Light Projection Headlights

Software control at a pixel level with an interactive system of more than 20 internal and external communication.

Scenario-Based Interactions

Smart Tracking

Pedestrian Crossing Reminder

Interactive ISD System
Intelligent Signal Display

with over 1000 LED units

Functional Enhancement

Emotional Changes

Enhanced Styling

Supercar-Inspired Aero
Efficient Design

Wheels Design

HiPhi's logo is always parallel to the ground whether the car is at a standstill or running at high-speed.

Smart Entry And Exit

All new door system with a human-centric design for easy entry and exit with its three unlocking modes.
18 internal and external sensors accurately generate an understanding of the occupants and pedestrians. Each door is sensor-laden to control its opening and closing angles based on obstacles within its proximity.

Facial Recognition

Phone Unlock

Key Fob

NT Door System

The NT door system features gull-wing doors as well as coach doors. The system features two sets of coach doors and gull-wing doors on the roof. All six electric doors can be operated independently.


Interactive 9 Screen Design

Developed with a space capsule-like layout with the consideration for enhanced interactions.

Asymmetrical IP Design

Asymmetrical instrument panel to maximize passenger space, 20 inch IMAX-inspired screen, equipped with seat ventilation, seat warming, seat massage and leg rest.

Second Row Of Seats

Equipped with 8-axis electric adjustable seats that can be shifted horizontally
Each seat is equipped with an independent control panel for adjustments
Equipped with seat ventilation, seat warming, seat massage and leg rest

Rear Row Seats

Premium 6 Seater

The interior design inherits the advantage of Concept U's asymmetric cabin layout, with a human-centric design philosophy, HiPhi 1 gives comfort to every occupant in the car.


Powerful Hardware

Rear Wheel Steering

Smart Air Suspension

High Performance Steel Aluminum Body

The First Production Car With A 5G-V2X Enabled Communication Network

To realize the communication of V2V, V2I, V2N, V2P.