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Ding Lei

Chairman | CEO | Founder

  • More than 20 years of experience and influence in the automotive, new energy, intelligent technology, cross-border M&A, industrial investment, etc.
  • Executive roles in VW Shanghai, Shanghai GM, SAIC and served as General Manager of SGM and VP of SAIC. Responsible for the launch of over 20 new models in SGM, achieving a sales volume of 4 million units for three brands in six years and a sales revenue of over 500 billion RMB, with a total profit and tax submission of over 100 billion RMB. Ranked no. one in market share in China for four consecutive years
  • Participated in the establishment of SGM, the biggest Sino-U.S. joint venture and the development of self-owned brands in the early stage of SAIC, presided over the acquisition of MG Rover
  • Pioneer and leader of new energy, intelligent transport and smart city. Proposed the ‘Drive to Green’ initiative in 2008 and led SGM to launch range-extended, hybrid and hydrogen fuel electrical vehicles together with GM during the 2010 Shanghai World Expo. Facilitated SGM launched its Springo BEV in 2011
  • Deputy Mayor of Shanghai Pudong New Area(population of 5.5 million) from March 2011 to March 2015.Former Executive Deputy Director and Deputy Party Secretary of the Administration Committee of Zhangjiang High-Tech Park as well as Chairman of Zhangjiang Group and Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
  • Current Chairman of the East Coast Capital

Phil Murtaugh

Vice Chairman | Co-founder

  • Profound experience in automotive production and R&D, served key positions in a number of leading OEMs including GM, SAIC, Chrysler, etc.
  • Former CEO of General Motors China and Executive Vice President of SAIC Motor; responsible for vehicle and components business of GM in China and the overseas business of SAIC
  • Former CEO of Asian Operation of Chrysler Group LLC., former CEO of Qoros Automotive
  • Over 20 years' work experience in China, with both a global horizon and also a deep understanding of Chinese market, led the establishment of SGM, winner of ‘Shanghai Honorary Citizen’ title
  • Extensive experience in world EV field and former CEO of the U.S. BEV manufacturer Coda, extensive knowledge in the design, development and manufacturing of BEV

Ken Weisman

President | Co-founder

  • More than 30 years of experience in engineering and management of joint ventures and local brands in the field of traditional and electric vehicles. A leading cross-domain expert that has a deep understanding of Chinese market and holds a global view of automotive industry
  • Served as the Executive Vice President and CTO of Foton Motor and President of Borgward Motor. As one of the Borgward founding team members and the leader, Ken set up the complete system of product development, quality management, purchasing, marketing and car connectivity. He’s also in charge of the system operation afterwards
  • Leader of the SAIC-ROEWE vehicle design, development and production, led the set-up of SAIC UK engineering centre. Participated in the acquisition of the brand MG as the tech expert
  • Executive Vice President of Pan Asia Technical Automotive Centre, built the first product certification system, led the localisation and production of multiple global models

Kevin Chen

Chief Operation Officer | Co-founder

  • 30 years of experience in automotive branding and marketing; profound accumulation in business model building, branding, marketing strategies, sales and service system, product portfolio and planning, big data, IoT, etc.
  • Served key positions in Ford Taiwan, Ford Asia Pacific, GM Taiwan, GM China , Shanghai GM, etc.
  • Built the product brand standards for the sustainable development of SGM Buick, Cadillac and Chevrolet; presided over the product planning, brand communication, marketing and after-sales service as the responsible person for Cadillac China and the founder of Cadillac brand image and raised its Chinese market sales to the top place among overseas markets and built a solid foundation for long-term development
  • Former Global Director of Borgward Group AG and Deputy Executive VP of Borgward China; completed the layout and building of its global product and brand marketing, built the brand of Borgward

Mark Stanton

Chief Technology Officer | Co-founder

  • 35 years of experience in automotive technology R&D and vehicle development, technology and engineering talent with development experience in all types of vehicles including mainstream production car, luxury car, sporty car, electrical car, high-end special car, etc.;
  • 23 years’ experience with Ford, worked on the original Mondeo “world car” program. Chief Engineer for small cars including Ford Ka, Fiesta and Fusion with total sales of more than 500,000 units
  • Vehicle engineering director of Jaguar Lander Rover for over ten years; responsible for the vehicle features, performance planning, all vehicle attributes including chassis tuning, process and technology development of worldwide Jaguar and Land Rover models, participated in the product development and model architecture of Jaguar I-PACE;
  • Director of Special Vehicle Operations responsible for the highest performing and most luxurious car models. Led the building of I-PACE e-Trophy race car.

James Shyr

Chief Design Officer | Founding Partner

  • Nearly 30 years of experience in automotive design, in-depth observation, product planning and brand building, etc.; regarded as the godfather of automotive design in the overseas Chinese community
  • Built the PATAC Design Centre, solely and directly responsible for all designs of General Motors vehicles branded under Buick, Chevrolet and Cadillac within the Greater China Region from 2002 to 2011; presided over the design of over 50 production cars and concept cars; nearly 10 million cars which are now on the road were designed by James
  • Graduated from Art Centre College of Design in the U.S., held key positions like Chief Designer in Citroen Design Centre in Paris, France, Toyota Automotive Industry Centre in the U.S., Yulong Nissan Design Centre and PATAC Design Centre;
  • The only Asian member in the history of GM’s Global Design Leadership Team (GDLT) and the only Chinese representative in ‘Nissan Global Design Strategic Committee’
  • Panel judge of iF Product Design Award in Germany (the Oscars of industrial design)

Jun Chen

VP of Vehicle Engineering | Founding Partner

  • Over 20 years of experience in vehicle development and NEVs, holds a Ph.D. degree in engineering from the Kyushu Institute of Technology
  • Executive experience in Toyota Motor Japan, Shanghai GM with expertise in model development, vehicle integration, chassis control, engineering, quality safety, etc.
  • Project director of a number of SGM models and DOD of independent R&D platforms and globalized model platforms; led the development of a group of mainstream bestsellers including Sail, Aveo, Excelle, GL8, Encore, Enclave, etc.
  • Responsible for the development of BEV and PHEV as well as the next-generation model planning; acted as Executive Director of the new energy platform and strategy

Jing Song

VP of ePowertrain | Founding Partner

  • 33 years of experience in NEV, battery and electrical control; Ph.D. of Artificial Neural Network and Application, Master of Electrical Engineering from Wayne State University
  • Extensive experience in fuel cell, battery control, charging system, safety monitoring, etc. and a number of patents gained on EV battery control
  • Responsible for NEV R&D of Ford Motor in the U.S.; 20 years’ experience in NEV development at Ford; presided over the development of the first EV model for pilot operation and model production; Chief Engineer of the New Energy Department of Panasonic Automotive Systems; Deputy Director for New Energy and Senior Chief Engineer in Geely Auto Research Institute
  • Executive member of Made in China 2025.

Qian Li

VP of Autonomous Driving & EE Division | Founding Partner

  • 20 years of experience in the development of automotive EE architecture, in the development of automotive digital & IT technologies, as well as in the planning and development of autonomous driving systems
  • Head of the EE Development Department at the Passenger Vehicles R&D Institute of the FAW Group and acted as IT Director, Technology Leader & Chief Architect of the group’s Strategic Committee for Intelligent Networking, visiting scholar of Stanford University
  • Led the development activities of over ten major projects for JV and local brands; built China’s first V&V ‘hardware in-the-loop simulation (HILS)’ system; developed China’s first high-end EE architecture, which is still in the lead position today among locally developed models in terms of both performance and maturity
  • Worked out an ‘Internet+’ product roadmap, this roadmap covers all systems and multiple models, which is ecosystem-based, and is integrated across industries; led the development of China’s first smart driver’s cab; under his leadership, the team applied the strategy for the autonomous driving technology in products; coined the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) concept in China for the first time, adopted the IoT-based structural mindset in the auto industry and auto products

Jun Gong

VP of IT & Connectivity Application

  • 30 years’ work experience, MBA of Hong Kong University and Bachelor of Mathematical Statistics of Shanghai Fudan University
  • Extensive experience in automotive industry IT, with focus on business process design of industry value chain, IT solution implementation for automotive sector and IT governance
  • Former Chief Application Architect of the Information System in Shanghai General Motors, built SGM sales management system; Deputy Executive General Manager of Chery Automotive Information Technology Company, Information Director of Shandong Heavy Industry Group Company Limited of Weichai Power Group, Senior Vice President of BAIC Foton Group, General Manager of Foton ZhiKe IoV Company, Vice President of Borgward Group AG and Deputy Executive Director of Borgward Industry 4.0
  • Successfully built a leading Industry 4.0 flexible and smart factory in Chinese automotive industry

Kevin Yang

VP of Investments

  • Mr. Yang is an expert in investment and financing in the field of new energy. He graduated from UIUC in the U.S. with a theoretical physics major. Before joining Human Horizons, he served as Deputy General Manager of Vered Holdings and Vice President of SkySolar Group, where he was responsible for project development, financing, mergers and acquisitions in the United States, Hong Kong, and Japan among other places. Mr. Yang has extensive experience in Hong Kong's foreign investment banks, assisting clients to raise more than 10 billion USD, specifically in the new energy market.