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Dr. Li Qian, an expert on intelligent EE architecture
connected vehicle and autonomous driving, serves as VP of Huaren
August 1, 2018
    Recently, Dr. Li Qian, an expert on intelligent EE architecture, V2X, and autonomous driving, has confirmed to join Huaren Technology R&D Co., Ltd. and serve as the company’s Vice President, responsible for the forward development of related cutting-edge technologies.
Dr. Li graduated from Jilin University, the cradle of China’s auto industry, majoring in automotive engineering. He has nearly 20 years of experience in the development of automotive EE architecture, in the development of automotive digital & IT technologies, as well as in the planning and development of autonomous driving systems. He used to be Head of the EE Development Department at the Passenger Vehicles R&D Institute of the FAW Group as well as the group’s IT Director, and Technology Leader & Chief Architect of the group’s Strategic Committee for Intelligent Networking.  He was once a visiting scholar to Stanford University.   
Dr. Li used to lead the development activities of over ten major projects for JV brands and local brands. Starting from 2004, he was responsible for the localization development of Volkswagen models and was given a high-level evaluation from the Wolfsburg headquarters of the Volkswagen Group for API Access, which laid the foundation for the development of Volkswagen models in China. Starting from 2008, Dr. Li took sole responsibility for the development of the all-new automotive EE architecture, and later became Head of the EE Development Department at the Technology Center of FAW.  Starting from 2011, he led the building of China’s first V&V “hardware in-the-loop simulation (HILS)” system. Spending 2 years, he successfully developed China’s first high-end EE architecture, which is still in the leading position today among locally developed models in terms of both performance and maturity.   
In 2013, Dr. Li became the group’s IT Director, and worked out an “Internet+” product roadmap. This roadmap covers all the systems and multiple models, is ecosystem-based, and is integrated across industries. He led the development of China’s first smart driver’s cab, planned & implemented China’s first locally-branded V2X system, and publicly demonstrated it at the 2017  World Internet of Things Convention.  In the fields of automotive EE architecture and autonomous driving, under his leadership, the team  applied the strategy for the autonomous driving technology in products, coined the Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) concept in China for the first time, adopted the IoT-based structural mindset in the auto industry and auto products, and also formulated the roadmap for the group’s third-generation intelligent EE architectural platform.  
In order to embrace the major changes in mobility for mankind, Huaren Technology is always technology-driven and pursues the ultimate result in the development and innovation of technologies. Since it was formed, this technology company dedicated to mobility innovation jointly founded by David Ding,  Phil Murtaugh, Kevin Chen and Mark Stanton has brought together a number of industry leaders including James Shyr (known as “president” of China’s “Whampoa Military Academy” for automotive design), Dr. Chen Jun (NEV development expert), Dr. Song Jing (NEV expert from the national “Thousand Talents Plan”), and Gong Jun (leading IT expert for smart manufacturing).
With Dr. Li on board, the three VPs (Dr. Chen Jun, Dr. Song Jing, and Dr. Li Qian) form an advanced and comprehensive development system for smart vehicle technologies led by CTO Mark Stanton. This is really rare in the industry. When it comes to the long-term plan for the next-generation intelligent transportation products, Huaren is confident, rigorous and open-minded. By leveraging its rich experience, strong strength and innovative mindset, and by adhering to independent forward development, the company is building its unique system of core NEV and AI technologies, and striving to become a pacesetter in the industry, a contributor in the society, and an innovator in the transformation process.