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The Shanghai R&D Center (Phase I)
Is Inaugurated Another “smart upgrade” for Huaren Technology
August 23, 2018
    The Shanghai R&D Center (Phase I) of Huaren Technology R&D Co., Ltd.,  located within Shanghai’s Inner Ring, was inaugurated on August 22. Armed with the best equipment and experimental site, and bringing together the world’s top tech professionals, the Shanghai R&D Center is set to become a heartland for innovations that will drive changes in tomorrow’s human mobility.
(About the photo: This creative space adjacent to the North Bund within Shanghai’s Inner Ring will become the world’s leading facility for research, development, and testing)  Since its official operation last December, Huaren Technology has put together a team of top professionals from the industry. It has obtained a core competitive advantage in areas including the advanced vehicle integration technologies, the leading powertrains, the all-new open EE architecture, the smart connection & sharing systems, and the future-oriented industrial design. The company has already achieved breakthroughs on multiple technologies.  
About the photo: Huaren Technology Chairman David Ding, COO Kevin Chen, CTO Mark Stanton, CDO James Shyr, as well as VPs Chen Jun, Song Jing, Li Qian, Gong Jun and Zhu Pan are cutting the ribbon for the new site
development, and testing. The company’s key technical and engineering teams will work here for the development of smart cars in the fields of electrical motor controls, vehicle integration, autonomous driving, artificial intelligence (AI), and connected vehicles, to drive the development of the future-oriented next-generation smart cars full steam ahead.  “Huaren has initiated comprehensive and multiple-phase planning in accordance with the step-by-step implementation of its strategy for smart cars, smart transportation, and smart city as well as the development cycle of key projects,” said Huaren Technology Chairman David Ding. “The inauguration of the Shanghai R&D Center (Phase I), which has a floor area of nearly ten thousand square meters, is just a part of our overall technical & engineering blueprint, as the planning and construction of other facilities are also going on in full swing.” The company will gradually become a really world-class innovator that is based in China and operates around the globe, he added. 
About the photo: The Shanghai R&D Center (Phase I) of Huaren Technology  In March this year, the Shanghai Operation Center was entirely relocated to a new site. After nearly a half year of planning and construction, the Shanghai R&D Center (Phase I) of Huaren Technology was successfully inaugurated, marking another “smart upgrade” for this innovator of mobility technologies. The creative space adjacent to the North Bund within Shanghai’s Inner Ring will become the world’s leading facility for research,


Huaren Technology is an innovator dedicated to developing technologies that will enable smart transportation in the future. Specifically, the company’s activities involve a range of industries related to the transportation industry in the future, including the development of new energy vehicles (NEVs), the development of smart connection technologies, the development of smart driving technologies, and the development of solutions for traffic management in smart cities. Building on the solid foundation of developing leading core technologies for NEVs and smart transportation, the company will gradually go from the development and commercialization of smart cars to the planning and operation of smart transportation systems. Finally, with the development of  smart transportation systems as the gateway, it will build smart cities for the future, to make the future travel cleaner, more efficient and more comfortable for people.