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Human Horizons Becomes the Lead Organization
in Setting the Industry Standard for Hub Motors
    Recently, Human Horizons, an innovator of mobility technologies, announced its involvement in setting China’s first industry standard for automotive hub motors as the lead organization. The drafting of this standard is organized by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (CSAE). It includes four parts: Glossary of Automotive Hub Motor Assemblies, Technical Conditions, Test Methods, and Reliability Test Methods. Not long ago, Human Horizons announced its first 4WD/4WS hub motor demonstrator for mass production in Shanghai, which caused quite a stir. By taking the lead to participate in setting the standard, Human Horizons will leverage its exploration of leading technologies and first-mover advantage to help drive the systematic understanding, development and application of hub motor as a future technology in the industry. 
In the Guiding Directory of Key Products and Services in Emerging Industries of Strategic Importance (the 2016 edition) released by the National Development and Reform Commission, hub motor has been identified as a core technology for China’s new energy vehicles (NEVs) in the future. Human Horizons already began to develop automotive hub motors when it was just formed. The company set up an in-house multidimensional development system with support from outside experts, and already showcased interim results. Its involvement in setting China’s first industry standard for automotive hub motors as the lead organization reflects the industry’s confidence in/recognition for the company’s technological strength. 
Multiple industry leaders at Human Horizons including Vehicle Engineering VP Dr. Chen Jun, Electric Powertrain VP Dr. Song Jing, and Vehicle Safety Chief Engineer Dr. Chen Keming have accumulated multiple years of experience in developing and manufacturing smart NEVs. They have a strong background in working on future electric powertrains and motors as well as a clear roadmap and development plan for the mass production of hub motor as a future technology.   
Academician Chen Qingquan, Chief Director of the “HH International Science & Technology Advisory Committee”, came to the company for multiple times to learn progress of the project in R&D, to listen to briefing by the project team together with Chairman David Ding, and to give advice
 “HH International Science & Technology Advisory Committee” also plays a role in guiding and assessing the research and development of this technology. Academician Chen Qingquan, who is the Chief Director of this committee, "Father of Asian Electric Vehicles", and Member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, came to the company for multiple times to learn progress of the project in R&D and give advice on technology development. Professor Yu Zhuoping, Assistant to the President of Tongji University and Director of the Tongji University Institute of Intelligent Vehicles, has been providing guidance for the project as the advisor on the committee through the “NEV Propulsion Lab” jointly established by Human Horizons and Tongji University. Professor Guan Xin, who is a professor under the “Changjiang Scholars Program” and President of the Jilin University’s Automotive Research Institute, also sits on the committee. He highly recognizes the innovative technology of Human Horizons, and will leverage his own advantage and the advantage of Jilin University to provide support for the project. In addition, Human Horizons also entered into a strategic partnership with the Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Certification & Tech Innovation Center Co., Ltd. (SMVIC), which will conduct rigorous tests and inspections to the development and adoption of the technology. 
In addition to the talent pool and the technology pool, Human Horizons also did a lot of engineering work on automotive hub motors and achieved a breakthrough in the control of vehicles with hub motors. By using its in-house developed powertrain, chassis, EE systems, as well as body and vehicle control technologies, Human Horizons launched RE05, the first mass production-oriented 4WD/4WS hub motor demonstrator. This demonstrator has realized the precise and independent 4-wheel motor driving and steering, providing smart drive logic under 14 different operating conditions/modes.
Depending on different road conditions, the 4 wheels can independently control the torque output, independently change direction, and run forward or backward in real time. With an extremely high degree of freedom, it can dramatically reduce the turning radius, to really have a broad application space and the possibility for mass production.   
Human Horizons has been innovating on the hub motor technology. Deviating from the traditional single dimension of “automotive engineering”, it goes from the needs of people and relies on the wisdom of people to develop vehicles on three dimensions--vehicle, road, and city. As a result, the company has gone from developing technologies and products only to a higher dimension of being able to participate in and lead the formulation of the industry standard. This enables it to be better positioned to lead changes in the industry and fulfill the vision of changing how people will travel in the future through ongoing innovation.    
-END- About Human Horizons Human Horizons is an innovator dedicated to developing technologies that will enable smart transportation in the future following a “three-smart” strategy--smart vehicles, smart transportation, and smart cities. Human Horizons takes a “people-centric” approach, aiming to meet people’s needs by relying on people’s wisdom. It starts by developing and commercializing new energy smart vehicles based on the development of leading intelligent automotive technologies, goes on to develop a smart transportation system, and then contributes to the creation of smart cities with this as a gateway, to change people’s mobility in the future. Aiming for the future, Human Horizons will focus on five areas: the development and manufacturing of all-new smart vehicles; the sharing of vehicles, charging networks and energy; the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) as well as advanced and open autonomous driving technologies; supporting the extension of smart transportation; and participating in the development and construction of smart cities. Besides, Human Horizons will also leverage Digital House to support its development in numerous areas of smart cities.