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Dow CEO Fitterling Meets with Human Horizons Chairman Ding Lei The new
high-strength and lightweight materials will be used on production NEVs for the first time
     [January 11, 2019] Jim Fitterling, CEO of The Dow Chemical Company, which is a Fortune 500 company, paid a visit to the Shanghai Operation Center of Human Horizons recently, and met with Human Horizons Chairman & CEO Ding Lei. Human Horizons was also the only manufacturer of new energy vehicles (NEVs) visited by Fitterling during his recent China tour. He highly recognized Ding’s deep insights into the future mobility industry and mobility market, and also expressed a strong interest in the “3-Smart” strategy (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City). He said that the China market is also a strategic focus for Dow in the future, and he is very happy to see that the two parties have already done a lot of work in developing innovative materials, and the company’s new high-strength, lightweight and green materials will be used for the first time on the first production vehicles of Human Horizons to be launched by the end of 2020. In the future, Dow will further increase R&D spending in China focusing on the auto industry, he added. Accompanied by Ding, Fitterling visited Human Horizons’ design center, and watched the demonstration of Hub Motor RE05. Ding also invited Fitterling to visit the world’s first smart road featuring V2X coordination soon to be launched in Yancheng when it’s convenient for him.
Ding expressed welcome to Fitterling for his visit. For more than one year in the past, Human Horizons already created a mechanism for collaboration with Dow on innovation when it just began the forward development of products, and put together two rounds of “Human Horizons-Dow Symposium on Materials Innovation” in May and August of 2018. Dr. Yao Weiguang, CTO of Dow Asia Pacific, was invited to serve as a materials expert on the Human Horizons International Science & Technology Advisory Committee, and Human Horizons COO Kevin Chen also served as an expert on the Dow Chemical NEV Advisory Committee. The two companies are bringing their best resources together to work in three directions: safe structure, green interior, and lightweight materials. This partnership is different from the conventional model for the partnerships of automakers with parts suppliers and materials suppliers, as it starts from the innovation of underlying materials. It provides a breakthrough and demonstrative model for crossover innovation in the industry. Under this model, the two companies are making bold attempts and taking solid steps to overcome barriers aiming to create future mobility products.    
Human Horizons CTO Mark Staten introduced Human Horizons’ “3-Smart” strategy, business plan, as well as R&D and engineering activities to Fitterling and his entourage. He also provided detailed information about the progress of the joint research projects regarding future technologies between Human Horizons and Dow as well as how will the two companies apply the new-generation structural foams on the first production vehicles. Under multiple safety standards including C-NCAP and E-NCAP, these materials can significantly increase the strength and safety of vehicles. It will be the first time for all these materials to be used on NEVs. Staten said that China is the world’s largest and most important market as well as source of technology innovation. “This is also why I gave up my comfortable life and job in the UK to come here and join this innovative team to start a business together,” he added.    
Fitterling expressed recognition to Ding’s strategic layout for the future transportation industry as well as to his understanding of how the markets and technologies will develop going forward. He could also deeply feel the huge potential and powerful innovation strength of the China market. He said that China is one of the most important markets for Dow, and Dow also established its largest innovation center and lab in Shanghai. According to him, Dow recently just inaugurated more than 20 new labs, and will further increase R&D spending in China over the next few years. “I am very happy to see that our team is already in deep cooperation with Human Horizons,” he said. “And I hope that we can seize the latest trends in innovation and work together to apply more innovative and green materials in the state-of-the-art products. We are committed to long-term sustainability, and willing to take more social responsibilities. This is also the vision of both companies.”   
Dow CEO Jim Fitterling (nineth from left) and Human Horizons Chairman Ding Lei (tenth from left) pose for a group photo after the meeting. People who are present at the meeting also include Jim McILvenny, former President of Dow Asia Pacific, Jon Penrice, President of Dow Asia Pacific, Yoke Loon Lim, President of Dow China, Dr. Yao Weiguang, CTO of Dow Asia Pacific, as well as Human Horizons President Wei Yanqin, COO Kevin Chen, CTO Mark Staten, CDO James Shyr, and key members of the management team.
Looking into 2019, Human Horizons will work together with top global partners like Dow to go further on all fronts, to deliver on the “3-Smart” strategy, to help young engineers stand on the global stage faster, and to contribute more to industry transformation, social progress and the improvement of people’s life.