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Human Horizons Join Forces with Nebula
Link to Promote the National Standard of V2X Technology
    SHANGHAI, May 16, 2019 -- Human Horizons has entered into a strategic cooperation agreement in the (Vehicle-to-Everything) V2X technology field with Beijing Nebula Link Technology Co., Ltd. ("Nebula Link").
Human Horizons is a leading technology innovator of mobility, smart transportation and smart city. Nebula Link is a domestic supplier of V2X/vehicle-road collaboration products and solutions for intelligent networks.
The cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link is a strong partnership between two high tech-oriented companies, which will help the two sides to accelerate the development of V2X application in the Chinese market, and to jointly promote the advanced development efforts to help deploy the technology.
Nebula Links’ core members are from Tsinghua University and the first key project in the field of vehicle-road collaboration in the National 863 Program (National High-Tech Research and Development Program), "Research on Key Technologies of Intelligent Vehicle-Road Collaboration". The Company is the largest V2X software and hardware provider with the largest equipment deployment and data volume in China. Hundreds of intersections in more than ten cities, such as Beijing and Shanghai, have been connected to the Nebula Link V2X roadside system. In addition to supplying products and technologies in the industry, Nebula Link has also been deeply involved in the development of the Automobile Standard and V2X Standard for the National Intelligent Network.
Human Horizons has pioneered the "3 Smart" strategy of smart car, smart transportation and smart city in the industry. Based on the strategic layout of "3 Smart", relying on world-class advanced technology and a powerful elite team, Human Horizons has achieved systematic solution for intelligent transportation for vehicle-road-city. In January 2019, the world's first Urban Road Autonomous Driving Demonstration opened in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province. At the same time, on the basis of the first phase of “Smart Road”, the second phase of construction is also underway.
"Smart Road" is based on 5G communication and V2X vehicle-road collaboration technology using high-precision cameras, microwave radar and LiDar to construct holographic sensing intelligent road. The sensing signal is integrated by edge computing devices, and then pushed to the vehicle end by the cloud control center for autonomous driving and traffic dispatching. As a key part of the smart transportation system solution, the hardware and algorithm of the “Smart Road” V2X system is the result of the cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link.  

The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is the embodiment of the leading hardware and software capabilities of Nebula Link’s technologies, and also highlights the industrial application prospects and value of Human Horizons’ V2X and autonomous driving solutions. Thereafter, China Express will build a closer cooperation with the Nebula Link to achieve the vision of smarter cars, more interconnected roads and more intelligent cities for future human mobility.

With the deepening cooperation between Human Horizons and Nebula Link, more data accumulation and results will be produced in the field of V2X/vehicle-road collaboration. These results will provide more powerful support for the formulation and application of V2X national standards and lay a solid foundation for the development of the whole vehicle-road collaboration industry.