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Huaren Strives to Beef up IT
Capabilities across the Industry Smart Manufacturing Informatization Expert Gong Jun Has Confirmed to Join the Company
May 24, 2018
    Recently, Mr. Gong Jun, leading IT expert for smart manufacturing, who is a member of the Expert Committee of the China Communications Industry Association (CCIA) and Vice Chair of the CCIA Expert Committee for Smart Network Connections, has confirmed to join Huaren Technology R&D Co., Ltd. and serve as the Vice President of the company. Gong used to lead the development of Shanghai GM’s CRM system—the first CRM system autonomously developed by China, and also successfully built a smart factory with the world’s first smart manufacturing system for eight models. He is a global leader in the field of information technology for smart manufacturing. 
Gong has nearly 30 years of experience in the IT systems for the auto industry, in business process design across the value chain, and in IT governance. He used to take key positions in companies such as Shanghai GM, Chery, and Germany’s Borgward Automotive Group, where he was responsible for the integration, development and operation of customer-related IT systems, was dealing with connected vehicles, cloud computing, digital marketing, and big data, and was also deeply involved in the technical planning for business model design and Internet strategy etc. 
During the ten years as the Chief Application Architect of Shanghai GM (now SAIC GM), Gong, in cooperation with IBM, led the launch of CRM+DMS, the first one ever autonomously developed in China. The system was seen as the industry’s benchmark and the paradigm for integration across the industry’s value chain. The system realized the integration between the manufacturer’s and the dealer’s operation systems in its real sense, and also laid the foundation and set the standard for China’s current Dealer Management Systems (DMS). 
When being Vice President of Borgward Automotive Group, guided by the “China Manufacturing 2025” strategy, Gong fully leveraged the advantage of Germany’s Industry 4.0 and collaborated with German companies including SAP and KUKA to bring in the world’s leading automatic equipment technologies starting from top-level design, and successfully built a smart factory with the world’s first smart manufacturing system for eight models. This helped to realize smart and personalized flexible production, and became one of the major accomplishments in the smart manufacturing cooperation between China and Germany. The project became one of the pilot and demonstration projects of China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) for China-Germany cooperation on smart manufacturing in 2017.   
From CRM to smart manufacturing, and from connecting customers and manufacturers to realizing the lifecycle connection of products, customers and manufacturers, Gong has always been at the forefront of the industry, using advanced IT solutions to integrate smart production systems and IoT-based production facilities in a way that is groundbreaking, to make the industry’s value chain processes including supply chain, manufacturing and marketing digital and connected, and to achieve efficient production and meet personalized needs while actively expanding the depth and meaning of smart manufacturing. He is acclaimed by his peers as “China’s No.1 IT guy for smart manufacturing”.  
When talking about his decision to join the company, Gong said that Huaren is a company for the future like no other. “This is a company that dares to challenge itself and make breakthroughs,” he said. “It’s also a company with a long-term strategic view. From the team led by David, I’ve not only seen the expertise and accomplishments in the traditional auto industry, but also seen the agility and vitality of the Internet industry.” Gong highly identifies with Huaren’s vision to drive changes in human mobility through technological breakthroughs. He believes that Huaren has a clear direction and a solid business plan. Especially, he thinks that the Huaren’s effort to build smart and connected systems across the value chain and across the ecosystem was the main reason that eventually made him decide to join the company.   
Huaren Technology became operational last year. The company is always driven by technologies, and has attracted many Chinese and overseas heavyweight figures to get onboard. Besides the company’s founder and Chairman David Ding, cofounder and President Phil Murtaugh, and COO Kevin Chen, the star-studded lineup also includes top Chinese automotive designer James Shyr, who was a juror for the “iF Design Award”, Mark Stanton, the father of JLR’s I-Pace race car, and Dr. Song Jing, an NEV expert from China’s national “Thousand Talents Plan”.  With Gong getting onboard, the top management at Huaren is becoming stronger, and the company as a whole is also becoming stronger. With an elite team already in place now, Huaren is set to come up with a series of smart mobility solutions that will lead to revolutionary changes in the industry.   
With nearly 30 years of experience in automotive and information engineering, Gong holds an MBA from the University of Hong Kong and a bachelor’s degree in mathematical statistics from the Fudan University in Shanghai.
With rich IT experience in the auto industry, Gong has the ability to design business processes across the industry’s value chain, to implement IT solutions for the auto industry, and to take on corporate IT governance.
Gong used to be the Chief Application Architect of the Automotive Information Systems Department at Shanghai GM, the Executive Deputy General Manager of Chery Automobile Information Technology Co., Ltd., the IT Director of the Shandong Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd., which is a member of the Weichai Power Group Co., Ltd., the Senior Vice President of the Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. and General Manager of iFoton Telematics Service Co., Ltd., and Vice President of Borgward Automotive Group and Deputy Chairman of Borgward Industry 4.0 Committee.
He launched China’s first ever independently developed CRM+DMS, which was seen as the industry’s benchmark. He focuses on the Industry 4.0 solutions for the auto industry, including those for connected vehicles, for cloud computing, for digital marketing, and for big-data operations. He has the ability to design the business models and business processes for related areas, and possesses hands-on experience in collaborating with external strategic Internet resources as well as in the realization and planning of technologies.