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Photo: Human Horizons demonstrated the industry's leading V2X Collaboration technology at the opening of Future LAIV, Shanghai Lin’gang Intelligent Connected Vehicle Integrative Testing Demonstration Zone
Opening of Lin’gang Autonomous and Informationalized Vehicle Integrative (LAIV) Testing and Demonstration Zone
Human Horizons V2X Collaboration Autonomous Driving Debuts in the Pilot Free Trade Zone Lin’gang Special Area Administration
    On August 23, Future LAIV, the world's leading autonomous driving testing base, was officially opened in Shanghai Lin’gang Intelligent Connected Vehicle Integrative Testing Demonstration Zone. At the event, Human Horizons fully demonstrated the industry's leading V2X Collaboration technology in the park. Ding Lei, chairman of Human Horizons, said, “Participating in the project is another advancement towards the company's "3 Smart" strategy, which will not only help the development of China's Intelligent Network-related industries, but also aid the technology achievements of V2X Collaboration on the HiPhi 1, our production prototype, to ensure the best travel experience for users.”
Photo: Mark Stanton, Chief Technical Officer of Human Horizons, delivered a speech at the opening of Future LAIV, Shanghai Lin’gang Intelligent Network United Automobile Comprehensive Testing and Demonstration Zone
Human Horizons is integrated into the Free Trade Zone of the Lin’gang Special Area Administration to promote the construction of the intelligent network demonstration zone.
Lin’gang, synonymous with Shanghai's high-tech industry, is an important strategic space for Shanghai to face the future and promote the integration of the Yangtze River Delta. After the formal unveiling of the Lin’gang New Area in the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone, Lin’gang will strive to build the new area into a new engine for China's comprehensive deepening of reform and opening-up by creating three "most" areas (the highest level of opening-up, the most innovative and breakthrough reform and opening-up pilot fields, and the freest open economic system).
Relying on the rare regional advantages of aviation, shipping, railway, expressway and inland river transportation, the Lin’gang Group in collaboration with Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center have built the first scientific and technological landmark in the new area of Free Trade Zone, the Future LAIV. Compared with the test zones that have been put into use in China, the Future LAIV has the advantages of better road conditions, wider regional scopes, more scientific and rich testing scenarios, stronger network functions, more complete coverage of products, more authentic testing environment and stronger technical support.
As early as 2018, Human Horizons has reached strategic cooperation with the Lin’gang Group and Shanghai Motor Vehicle Inspection Center respectively to jointly carry out the testing demonstration and standard research of vehicle intellectualization, networking and electrification. This time, the Human Horizons’ V2X Collaboration autonomous driving project was implemented in Lin’gang, which is the achievement of the early strategic cooperation.
At the opening ceremony, Mark Stanton, CTO of Human Horizons, said that as a global innovative technology company, Human Horizons integrates V2X Collaboration autonomous driving and smart transportation solutions into the innovative breakthroughs in the Pilot Free Trade Zone of the Special Area, and join forces with the Future LAIV, which will promote China's and even the global Intelligent Network Union Automobile. It is of great significance to coordinate the development of related industries, cross-border technology integration, and research and verification of standards and regulations.
Photo: Human Horizons V2X Collaboration autonomous driving has the ability to complete all 17 scenarios of the National Standard V2X such as rain and fog, tunnels, and slalom simulations.
The V2X Collaboration autonomous driving with the industrialization of the "3 Smart" strategy has taken another solid step
Human Horizons develops intelligent and fast solutions for future mobility. Based on advanced technologies such as 5G communication, artificial intelligence, big data and edge computing, it constructs intelligent holographic perception with high precision cameras, microwave radar and LiDar. The sensing signals are fused by edge computing devices and is then pushed to vehicle end from the Cloud Dispatching Center to realize autonomous driving and traffic dispatching. At the beginning of this year, "the world's first intelligent urban road for V2X Collaboration" project by Human Horizons has been successfully put into trial operation. It explores and realizes a "systematic solution for V2X Collaboration autonomous driving" with industrial application value.
此次,在Future This time, in the Future LAIV driverless testing park, with the longest rain and fog test roads in China, the longest tunneling scene in China, and the unmanned pile test, Human Horizons is equipped with autonomous driving. Excellent completion of all 17 scenarios and testing of the national standard for V2X. This is the re-emergence of the systematic solution of Human Horizons’ V2X Collaboration autonomous driving, and it is also a solid step towards the advancement of the “3 Smart” strategy.
Photo: Human Horizons’ V2X Collaboration autonomous driving technology, 5G-V2X and other forward-looking technologies will be fully presented on its first production prototype, the HiPhi 1.
The first production prototype, the HiPhi 1, will be fully equipped with advanced autonomous driving
Excellent test results have been achieved in future LAIV high-difficulty testing scenarios, thanks to the world's top autonomous driving capability of Human Horizons, which integrates GPS, high-precision map, LiDar, high-precision cameras and other sensor perception capabilities, as well as the "dimension-raising" solution based on V2X Collaboration.
Even in tunnels without GPS signals, Human Horizons can achieve fully-autonomous driving using visual-based high precision positioning with centimeter-level accuracy, and multi-body attitude sensor fusion. In inclement weather, such as fog, rain, snow or darkness, which results in vision constraints caused by low visibility scenarios, Human Horizons can still achieve fully-autonomous driving based on LiDar and high-precision maps. Faced with the changing scenarios, the multi-body attitude sensor fusion of Human Horizons can accurately and reliably perceive the external environment and provide optimal autonomous decision-making.
Notably, the forward-looking technologies will be fully presented on the HiPhi 1, the first production prototype, making it a truly L3 autonomous vehicle with a dual-redundancy system. Based on the 5G-V2X communication module first carried in the industry, the HiPhi 1 has the software and hardware capabilities of V2X Collaboration autonomous driving, which is upgradable to higher levels in the future.
Ding Lei, chairman of Human Horizons, said: "We will continue to promote the strategic landing of "3 Smart" and continue the vision of "redefining future human mobility" with practical action. We will be deeply involved in the formulation of V2X Collaboration standards, accelerate the scale and industrialization of smart transportation projects, thus forming technical linkage with the production of the HiPhi 1, which will be in trial production at the end of 2020 and will be on the market in large quantities in the first half of 2021.