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“Accident-Free, Emission-Free, and Congestion-Free"
Human Horizons’ Vehicle-Road-City Integrated "Smart City" System to Define Future Mobility
  • Human Horizons demonstrates 5G autonomous driving traffic management archetype type of the world's first vehicle-road-city integrated smart city. To provide a successful practice and holistic solution for the vision of accident-free, emission-free and congestion-free mobility
  • The ‘Smart City’ project of Human Horizons is based on the ‘3 Smart’ strategy of ‘Smart Vehicle, Smart Road, and Smart City’, using 5G, V2X Collaboration, big data, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. Autonomous driving ‘smart vehicle’ bus, ‘smart road’ system, and ‘smart city’ traffic management monitoring center
  • Utilizing the high reliability, low latency, big bandwidth communication of 5G, so as to ensure the safe and efficient collaboration between vehicle-road-city
  • As the first truly smart 5G-V2X vehicle, the HiPhi 1 seamlessly integrates into the V2X autonomous driving traffic management system of the smart city, and on the basis of L3 dual redundant autonomous driving, and moving towards higher levels of autonomous driving
  • From the ‘Smart Road’ project in Yancheng in January 2019, to the release of the all-electric premium brand of HiPhi in July 2019, to the implementation of the ‘Smart City’, Human Horizons has carried out its strategic blueprint of smart car, smart road and smart city within 24 months
V2X autonomous driving buses, high-speed transmission under 5G, rapid iteration of cloud services, big data, Internet of Things (IoT), among other technologies have made the ideal state for efficient mobility a reality. On December 19, 2019, in the 100,000-square-meter park in Zhangjiang, Shanghai, Human Horizons demonstrated the future urban mobility plan of "accident-free, emission-free and congestion-free" to the industry.
Ding Lei, chairman of Human Horizons, said: "this archetype of Vehicle-Road-City Integrated Smart City is equipped with a series of cutting-edge technologies, such as 5G, V2X Collaboration autonomous driving, cloud computing and artificial intelligence, to build the archetype of smart roads and future smart cities. We are looking forward to such an advanced exploration that can be extended to cities as soon as possible."
‘3 Smart’ Takes Another Step Forward, Human Horizons Carries Out the Blueprint of Future Mobility for Smart Cities
The concept of smart city development is the product of new technological changes and challenges of new urban development. Its essence is to use technology to empower cities and reshape the city's development model. Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, as the major hub of the National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone, carries the national strategic task of building a world-class high-tech park, and is perpetually at the forefront of technological innovation. Relying on the superior resources of the innovative hub, Zhangjiang gathered the latest technology players for the smart city system here to create a blueprint for future urban life. Human Horizons’ smart city archetype is born here.
The system utilizes the high reliability, low-latency, large bandwidth communication of 5G to ensure safe and efficient collaborative work. So as to show the archetype of future smart city autonomous driving traffic operation and management, and provide a model for systematically alleviating traffic congestions and improving the efficiency of urban management.
‘Smart Vehicle’ Bus
  • Futuristic and fashion-forward design: Dubbed as ‘HiPhi City’, incorporating classic urban design elements such as merchant ships and bridges
  • L4 autonomous driving: 5 cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars and 16 ultrasonic radars, and 2 satellite antennas on the roof are connected to the Beidou High-precision Positioning System, which is believed to be the world's leading L4 V2X autonomous driving technology
  • Worry-free experience: Provide passengers with human-centric functions such as ultra-high speed 5G WiFi, facial recognition, and auto-sensing. The newly designed smart electric chassis can reach a range of 300km
(Image: HiPhi City Smart Bus)
‘Smart Road’ System
"3D + 3 Sensing" holographic road sensing network: High precision camera, radar and LiDAR can accurately perceive internal and external conditions of the vehicle, as well as analyze the dynamic characteristics of the driving environment. So as to provide round-the-clock surveillance without blind spots for ‘Smart Road’ and ‘Smart City’.
Edge computing to build global holographic prototype: Edge computing on the road, providing information and data support for ‘Smart Vehicle’ and ‘Smart City’.
(Image: ‘Smart Road’ System)
‘Smart City’ Traffic Management Monitoring Center
  • Cloud computing: Powerful cloud computing capabilities combined with remote dispatching and monitoring center, and real-time traffic dispatching in the park
  • Cloud autonomous driving control: Integrates artificial intelligence to realize the remote control of ‘Smart Cars’
(Image: Monitoring Center)
    The implementation of the smart city project reflects that ‘3 Smart’ is ambitious as well as practical, and its business model has also gradually emerged. The development of future human mobility must be combined with the intelligentization of roads and cities. The management of vehicles, roads, and cities are rolled out in parallel, with the efficiency of comprehensive utilization once put into use, and can penetrate each system to avoid repeated investment and development.
With the Support of Forward-Developed Technologies, Human Horizons’ ‘3 Smart’ Strategy Makes Great Impact
In the Zhangjiang AI Park, three "HiPhi City" buses communicate with the road sensing unit through the onboard sensing unit, to connect with the traffic management monitoring center and transfer data. The vehicle can operate autonomously, and each autonomous driving bus can be dispatched and controlled remotely in case of an emergency. These technologies will also take the lead in the application of ‘Smart Vehicle’ for Human Horizons.
HiPhi 1, the first mass-produced vehicle of the all-electric premium car brand owned by Human Horizons, is the first in China to be equipped with 5G-V2X. It truly connects cars, roads, and cities, and realizes the free flow of data. The Internet and energy networks becomes nodes in the cities of the future, integrated into the V2X Collaboration transportation system of smart cities based on single vehicle L3 dual redundant autonomous driving to reach higher levels of autopilot.
Not only that, this future oriented product is equipped with the world's first exclusive HOA (Human Oriented Architecture) with a secured open EE architecture, and six MPUs (micro processing unit) are connected via 1Gbps high-speed Ethernet to realize mega information analysis and independent decision-making. So as to build intelligence for the full vehicle, enabling it to adapt and evolve. Ultimately, assimilating people, cars and the environment more seamlessly. The world's first NT Doors System, programmable interactive projection headlights, Interactive Signal Display (ISD) and other unprecedented high-end configurations to bring new immersive experiences to users.
From the ‘Smart Road’ project in Yancheng in January 2019, to the release of the all-electric premium brand of HiPhi in July 2019, to the implementation of the ‘Smart City’, Human Horizons has carried out its strategic blueprint of smart car, smart road and smart city in within 24 months.
A journey to the future has begun.