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Professional media released report on the trend of smart vehicles, and HiPhi sets the benchmark
Recently, the 2020 Smart Vehicle Trend Insight and Consumer Research Report (hereinafter referred to as Report) was officially released. The Report is based on the Smart Vehicle Innovation and Development Strategy (hereinafter referred to as Strategy) issued by 11 ministries and commissions including the National Development and Reform Commission, which comprehensively summarizes the past development, the current status and future direction of the smart vehicle industry.
The release of the Strategy gives policy support to smart vehicles from top-level design in the country, defines the core competitiveness of smart vehicles, and points out the development direction of China's smart vehicle industry based on the cooperation of smart transportation and smart city.
In the Report, Human Horizons is among the top players in becoming a pioneer of promoting the Strategy and leading the industry trend. In the core competitiveness of smart vehicles, the field of smart transportation system and smart city development.
Human Horizons is an innovative technology company committed to future intelligent mobility with ‘3-Smart’ (Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation and Smart City) as its strategic blueprint. In 2019, Human Horizons has carried out its ‘3-Smart’ from the ‘Smart Road’ project in Yancheng, the launch of its premium supercar-inspired all-electric SUV, the HiPhi 1, and to the implementation of the ‘Smart City’ in Zhangjiang. The successful practice of the ‘3-Smart’ will also provide valuable experience and data accumulation for the implementation of the Strategy, especially the construction of the smart transportation system and smart city.
HiPhi, a premium all-electric smart vehicle brand owned by Human Horizons, defines smart cars with all-new vision and framework. The HiPhi 1 introduces the world's first Human Oriented Architecture (HOA), and its ‘neural network’ consists of four ‘super brain’ domain controllers and six computing platforms (MPU, Micro Processing Unit), connected by 1G Ethernet providing a higher transmission rate than traditional CAN networks. Through OTA, especially FOTA (Firmware Over-the-Air Upgrade), it enables personalized upgrade of intelligent systems, such as remote data calibration and range management. Thus making people, vehicles, and the environment more compatible and eventually evolves into a dedicated intelligent vehicle. Based on the powerful hardware and software architecture, the HiPhi 1 will be one of the world’s leaders offering L3 autonomous driving at launch supported by dual-redundancy in all key safety-related systems.
The HiPhi 1 has outstanding capability to connect between cars, roads and cities. It has more than five hundred sensors, and will be the first production car with a 5G-V2X enabled communication network, realizing high-speed connection of vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V), vehicles-to-infrastructure (V2I), vehicles-to-networks (V2N), vehicles-to-people (V2P).
HiPhi 1 will be put into trial production in small quantities at the end of this year and officially launched in 2021.