Inspiration From The Transcendence Of Time And Space

Advanced Technology

The combination of HOA with a software-developer enabled within the E/E architecture, RSA (Road Sensory Architecture) with Intelligent Perception Technology and V2X Collaboration, creates an ultra-safe and immersive cockpit system for a pleasant travel experience

Four-wheel Steering Hub-motor Technology

The integrated gearbox is directly placed in each hub with the four hub-motors. The high transmission efficiency and low energy consumption simplifies the chassis and improves the performance of the vehicle

Autonomous Driving with Intelligent Perception System

V2X Collaboration is achieved via the development of new systems such as Road-side Sensing, Cloud-side Dispatching and Vehicle-side Control. With 5G as the communication medium, edge computing devices combine the data from these systems with virtual imaging of Smart Roads, generated from high-precision cameras, Radar and Lidar

Digital Light Projection

The new light projection headlight module combines adaptive high-low beam technology and a projection system into one integrated DLP chipset. The light beam continuously adapts with the relative change in positioning of the subjects to minimize glare


PDLC Enclosure Advanced Cockpit Entry
In autonomous mode, with the aid of high-tech PDLC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) glass - provides better relaxation and privacy by being able to alter the degree of the side window transparency from transparent to opaque


Articulated Cockpit Entry System
A synchronized articulated door system that not only aids ingress and egress but demonstrates a world’s first for the opening mechanism of its rear door

C-V2X System (Cellular-V2X) System

Integrate GPS navigation technology, V2V communication technology, wireless communication and remote sensing technology enables real-time traffic information analysis and suggests the best route based on road conditions and ultimately then alleviating traffic congestion. By using on-board sensors and camera systems, it can also sense the surrounding environment and make timely adjustments to achieve “zero traffic accidents”