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Cookies and similar technologies such as device information identification are commonly used in Internet. When you use this Website, we may use Cookies or similar technologies to get your device's IP address, vehicle configuration requirements, as well as your browsing habits and browsing information on this Website, in order to simplify your repetitive steps and make better interaction with this Website. The information will not normally be used to directly identify you, but it can help you get a better website experience. I. What is a Cookie? Cookies are small text files. When you visit this Website, these files are stored on the user's local terminal to help this Website better understand the users’ preference and recognize the users’ status, improve the users’ experience and make the Website work more effectively. II. Use of Cookies 1、Get your equipment information, vehicle configuration needs, in order to generate the corresponding configuration information.
2、Record your browsing information and browsing habits on this Website, in order to simplify your repeated steps for a better website experience.
3、Get the visits times and traffic sources, to help us understand whether this Website information or pages are welcomed by users, so we can make improvements.
III. How to set or block Cookies 1. You have the right to choose whether or not to accept Cookies on this Website. You could close Cookies by adjusting the browser settings. Your refusal to use Cookies will not affect the use of this Website, but certain functionalities and areas of this Website may be restricted. You could use “Help” option in your browser for more details.
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IV. We may update our Cookie Policy for legal or regulatory reasons, or due to changes in our business, so please check and read the Cookie Policy before using this Website. If you wish to get more information about Cookies, you could contact us as follows ● Contact Subject: Human Horizons (Shanghai) Internet Technology Co., Ltd.
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