HiPhi Auto Forms Strategic Partnership with Sino Jet to Lead Green and Low-Carbon Travel with TECHLUXE®

Sino Jet, the largest business jet company in the Asia Pacific region, announced a strategic partnership with Human Horizons HiPhi Auto. Sino Jet will include new energy vehicles in its ground transportation plan to provide ground transportation services with HiPhi X for its business jet passengers and crew in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. As leaders in TECHLUXE® mobility experience in their respective industries, HiPhi Auto and Sino Jet expect this partnership to lead the integration of low-carbon and green concepts in mobility, and to take positive actions to practice corporate social responsibility and contribute to sustainable development.


HiPhi Auto Forms Strategic Partnership with Sino Jet to Lead Green and Low-Carbon Travel with TECHLUXE®

Committed to low-carbon development, HiPhi Auto and Sino Jet team up to practice social responsibility

To respond to China’s “3060” double carbon target and advocate green and low-carbon development, Sino Jet completed the first carbon-neutral flight of business jet in China and was the first to announce its carbon-neutral plan in the industry. It proposed to achieve carbon neutrality of its fleet, ground support, and office operations by 2025, and to achieve the goal of the carbon neutrality of its overall business by 2035.

Human Horizons is also driven by the concept of green and low-carbon development. Guided by the "3-Smart" Strategy: Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation, and Smart City, Human Horizons hopes to improve the efficiency of transportation operations, reduce social costs caused by congestion and accidents, and provide users with a safe, efficient, and enjoyable future mobility experience by promoting the R&D of integrated vehicle-road-city technology and the implementation of its application scenarios.

Based on the cooperation between the two companies, Fareast Aviation, the ground transportation service company of Sino Jet, will gradually phase out its gasoline cars. HiPhi X, the evolvable supercar SUV from Human Horizons, will join its ground transportation service fleet in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou, reducing the carbon emissions of the services.


Low-carbon and eco-friendly are the starting points of HiPhi X’s product innovation and development in green and low-carbon development practices

Liu Chang, president of Sino Jet, said that the significance of achieving carbon neutrality lies not only in the company’s energy saving and emission reduction, but more importantly, connecting the upstream and downstream of the industry by business jets, and promoting technological development and application innovation of all parties in energy saving and emission reduction. "HiPhi Auto has a unique and pioneering design and excellent performance, leading the industry development in the field of new energy with technology. We hope to join hands with HiPhi to provide users with a safe and comfortable mobility experience while reducing carbon emissions and contributing to the green development of society."

Rosa Zhang, Chief Operating Officer of Human Horizons HiPhi Auto, said that HiPhi Auto is committed to leading the TECHLUXE® mobility experience by technologies with a human touch. We also hope to become a pioneer and make a greater contribution to practicing low-carbon and environmental protection. Therefore, we strive to practice the low-carbon concept in every step by co-creating with users and partners, from the application of eco-friendly materials, the R&D of advanced technologies, to the user experience onboard. "The in-depth cooperation with Sino Jet is an innovative co-creation model for both of us to integrate the multi-dimensional mobility so that users can enjoy green, low-carbon, and TECHLUXE® mobility experience.”

In the recent 2022 International Green Zero-Carbon Festival (GZCF) and ESG Summit, both Human Horizons and Sino Jet won the Green Low Carbon Award, which means that their efforts and achievements in the field of green and low carbon development have been recognized by authorities.


Human Horizons Vehicle-Road-City Integrated System Solution will alleviate urban traffic congestion and help energy saving and emission reduction

HiPhi X will provide TECHLUXE® experience in ground transportation services

HiPhi X integrates the world's leading hardware and software technologies and uses three innovative design concepts of "design defined by scenarios, vehicle defined by software, and value defined by co-creation" to create a new breed of epoch-making intelligent vehicles and bring users a TECHLUXE® brand experience.

华人运通HiPhi X integrates the world's leading software and hardware technologies to create a new breed of epoch-making intelligent vehicles

As the first evolvable supercar SUV from HiPhi Auto, HiPhi X has been widely recognized by the industry and has won major automotive awards in China and abroad, including the Gold Award for Exterior Design from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), the 2022 Red Dot Design Award from Germany, the IDA award from the U.S., and the 9th Xuanyuan Award, China’s Car of the Year award.

HiPhi X is an epoch-making product from a Chinese self-owned brand on its way to TECHLUXE®. Since its launch in May 2021, HiPhi X sales have been rising month by month. Since its delivery over a year ago, HiPhi X deliveries have exceeded 7,000 (based on the number of insured vehicles), and it has topped the sales chart of luxury electric vehicles priced above RMB 500,000 in the second half of 2021 and the first half of 2022. As HiPhi Auto finalized its dual flagship strategy of HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, the company will continue to forge ahead in the luxury EV market.

Human Horizons will continue to practice green and low-carbon development with practical actions, actively assume social responsibility, and stay committed to "redefine human mobility" to achieve a cleaner, more efficient, comfortable, and better future mobility for human beings.


Committed to "redefine human mobility", Human Horizons will continue to practice green and low-carbon development with practical actions