Human Horizons Technical Expert Re-Elected to NTCAS as the Only Member from Electric Car Startups


The Second Inaugural Meeting of the Sub-Committee on Automotive Crash of the National Technical Committee of Auto Standardization (NTCAS) was held

On August 17-18, 2022, the second inaugural meeting of the NTCAS sub-committee on the automotive crash was held. Human Horizons vehicle engineering expert Wang Congchang attended the meeting and was successfully re-elected as a member of the NTCAS sub-committee on the automotive crash.

Sub-committee members this year came from organizations with a solid background, national influence, and the strongest technical strength in the industry. As the only company among electric car startups, Human Horizons showed its hard power in car-making, which has inherited the essence of the Chinese automotive industry for more than 30 years, as well as its soft power in technological innovation in the field of intelligent new energy vehicles.

Previously, at the 15th-anniversary celebration of C-NCAP in 2021, HiPhi X was presented as the representative of premium luxury electric vehicles in China in the C-NCAP crash official demonstration and achieved excellent results. HiPhi X then passed a series of evaluation tests and received a C-NCAP five-star rating. HiPhi X scored 89.55% in Occupant Protection, 69.91% in Pedestrian Protection, and 100% in Active Safety. The overall score was 88.2%.

HiPhi X ensures a high level of safety based on the "Top Safety" design concept of its professional development team. HiPhi X is built in strict accordance with the C-NCAP 5-star safety standard while taking into account the C-IASI evaluation system. In addition to using an optimized aluminum-steel hybrid body with advanced mechanical and chemical joining processes to build a special-shaped structure body with excellent safety performance, the battery system with a five-dimensional safety design and six dual redundancy systems of aerospace-level safety are also adopted to guarantee full-dimensional ultra safety for users.


Guided by the "Top Safety" design concept, HiPhi X is built in strict accordance with the C-NCAP 5-star safety standard to protect the safety of drivers and passengers