HiPhi Z, a TECHLUXE® intelligent coupé for the "young" creators of today is priced at RMB 610,000 - 630,000

#HiPhi Z officially launched# The officially launched HiPhi Z is priced at RMB 630,000 for the four-seater version and RMB 610,000 for the five-seater version. A series of benefits are offered for those who place an order or confirm the specs in orders in 2022.

#TECHLUXE® intelligent coupé# HiPhi Z, a digital life GT, is HiPhi’s second flagship model. It is a TECHLUXE® intelligent coupé for the "young" creators of today. With HiPhi’s TECHLUXE® DNA, it is characterized by three features: future aesthetics, digital life, and the handling of the age of electronics.

#Future aesthetics# HiPhi Z has a digital mechanical design that redefines the industrial design of automotive interiors and exteriors. It showcases the glamour of future aesthetics with industry-leading creations and applications. With 6 types of bold and contrasting body colors and 2 interior themes, it leads the future aesthetics of vehicle color matching.

#Digital life# HiPhi puts into the machine a digital soul: HiPhi Bot, a multi-axis displacement onboard digital robot, redefines the way of intelligent interactions in the car. It not only meets the automotive grade testing standards of durability and safety but can also move like a real person and understand the user's needs, enabling a life-like interactive experience.

#Handling of the age of electronics# High-efficiency dual motors of a total power of 494kW enable 0-100km/h acceleration in just 3.8s. The 497mm supercar-level CG height and an excellent chassis system, including active rear-wheel steering at all speeds and air suspension, achieve an unprecedented balance of sport and comfort, showing off the high-performance GT style.

#Dual flagships focus on the luxury EV market# The official launch of HiPhi Z means that HiPhi's dual flagship strategy has been established. HiPhi forges ahead in the luxury EV market as the only Chinese brand which continues to put efforts into the segment.

On August 26, 2022, HiPhi Z, a digital life GT, HiPhi’s second flagship model was officially launched, priced at RMB 630,000 for the four-seater version and RMB 610,000 for the five-seater version. A series of benefits are offered for those who place an order or confirm the specs in orders in 2022. It is a TECHLUXE® intelligent coupé for the "young" creators of today. With HiPhi’s TECHLUXE® DNA, it is characterized by three features: future aesthetics, digital life, and the handling of the age of electronics. The launch of HiPhi Z means that HiPhi's dual flagship strategy has been implemented, and the two vehicles will jointly lead the development of China's EV market in the future.


At the HiPhi Z booth at the 2022 Chengdu Auto Show, a strong sense of sci-fi emerged from the immersive space. HiPhi Z, a digital life GT from the future, exuded the ultimate charm of future aesthetics in light and shadow.


HiPhi Z pioneers the future aesthetics

HiPhi Z is a fusion of digital and futuristic styling. Its Digital Machine styling concept creates the future of automotive design and aesthetics.


When it comes to the future, creators are always thinking and imagining, and HiPhi Z is the answer from HiPhi. At the front of the car is a dynamic and tense V-shaped hood and beneath it a breathing scale grille that can actively open or close, improving aerodynamic performance, while adding to a sense of life-like breathing and mechanics in the car.


HiPhi Z's exuberant vitality is reflected by the body paint, with six colors - StarChase Silver, Ice Crystal Blue, Anthelion White, Khaki Green, Star Ocean Blue, and Sonic Grey - matched with body moldings of a different color, creating a futuristic fashion with the two-tone design.


Starships in science fiction films are full of human exploration of the unknown. HiPhi Z selects the concept of a spaceship cockpit, using 3D design and rhythmic colors to build an exquisite sci-fi atmosphere in the cockpit for users. The innovative double-layer, two-shot injection process makes the light vector array ambient lights on the IP more transparent and 3D. The Star River ambient light shines through the fabric on the door panels, adding to a sense of breathing and a sense of life. In the center of the backrest of the NAPPA leather seats, a unique holo luminous Nappa leather is hidden, with multiple layers of pearlescent paint making it dazzling in the light. Inside the cockpit, light and shade meet to create the atmosphere that belongs to the future.


HiPhi Z features a dual-tone seat design, which is sporty in the front row and spacious in the rear row, breaking away from the traditional coupé's limit to combine sport and comfort for great driving and ride experience. HiPhi Z is available in four-seater and five-seater versions, with power-adjustable rear seat backs, providing more options for customers with different car buying needs.

A comfortable space cannot be achieved without a pleasant temperature and fresh air. The auto AC in three temp zones with hidden power air vents, combined with a variety of intelligent airflow scenarios, can precisely control the interior temperature to create natural beauty for occupants.


HiPhi Z's ground-hugging supercar stance comes from a vehicle width-to-height ratio of 1.40:1 and a wheel-to-vehicle height ratio of 0.56:1. With a length of 5,036mm and a wheelbase of 3,150mm, HiPhi Z offers class-leading interior space.

The expression of future aesthetics goes beyond the exterior. The intelligent entry and exit system applied to HiPhi Z features a frameless NT door using a new generation of linear actuators as the drive unit and optimized control logic so that users can enjoy the entry and exit experience with grace and ease in a coupé.

In the future, vehicles can be connected to the outside world through light and images. The second generation of PML programmable matrix light leads the way to the future of interactions. HiPhi’s original Star Ring ISD light curtain system, consisting of 4,066 LEDs, enables a 360-degree human-vehicle interactive experience, creating more interactive experiences for the world between vehicles, men and vehicles, as well as vehicles and the environment.


How to hear sounds from the future? HiPhi Z audio system is a perfect choice. 23 speakers with dual kilowatt-class performance and 7.1.4 stereo channels. Tuned by Meridian, the sound system delivers 1920W of power at 1% distortion and 2820W at 10% distortion.

Awakening digital life and leading the future of intelligent experiences

In the future, companionship is everywhere. HiPhi believes that the vehicles of the future are alive. They can think and feel.


Digital is part of the HiPhi intelligent experience. HiPhi Bot is an innovative multi-axis displacement system that can swing as flexibly as a real person. It can communicate with you like an old friend, while also meeting automotive-grade safety testing standards.

The global human-vehicle information interaction is a source of confidence to take control of the future. HiPhi Z intelligent cockpit is equipped with a 15.05-inch AMOLED touch screen, a 9.2-inch streaming interior rearview mirror, and an HD color head-up display (HUD), enabling more ways of multi-screen interactions.

The future of interaction should be three-dimensional. HiPhi worked with UNREAL, the industry-leading rendering engine company to create the HiPhi Z HMI system. The 3D digital car model with real-time feedback enables an intuitive and realistic "3D interaction space", which is organically integrated with the perceptual and digital environment outside the car.

Underneath the unseen vehicle nervous system is the H-SOA, the superbody electronic and electrical architecture, which is the cornerstone of the digital life in the HiPhi universe, connecting more than 500 sensors and 500 actuators to the various controllers in an efficient way. Different controllers work together via high-speed Ethernet, enabling more flexible and open combinations of vehicle functions.


In addition to a smooth and gorgeous cockpit, scenario cards bring closer and more convenient human-vehicle interactions. Each user can create their own scenario card thanks to HiPhi Play, which integrates more than 140 atomic capabilities, elevating individual intelligence to "scenario intelligence". Multiple steps can be achieved with just one click. HiPhi Play is a true "scenario intelligence" experience tool that allows owners to share scenario cards via onboard cloud technology.


HiPhi Z's vision and insight into the future come from 32 pieces of high-spec assisted driving sensing hardware, including a 128-channel lidar, which makes a full-on effort into more accurate perception.

A massive amount of sensory data takes a powerful brain and computing power to make sense of it. HiPhi Z is equipped with dual high-performance master chips: Nvidia Orin X and Texas Instruments TDA4, the combination of which makes driving and parking easy.

The future of assisted driving should be powerful and easy. To achieve it, HiPhi Z is equipped with HiPhi Pilot Intelligent Driver Assistance System, including Pilot Assist (PA), APA, and other functions. Navigation on HPilot (NOH) and Intelligent Traffic Signal Control (ITSC) will gradually be released to cover more driving scenarios and help users to be comfortable on the road to the unknown.

Handling of the age of electronics showcases the GT style

HiPhi Z's outstanding performance is made possible by its handling of the age of electronics. Thanks to the battery packaging of the smart EV in the age of electronics, HiPhi Z has an ultra-low CG height of just 497mm, giving it a stable and ground-hugging stance.


The active aero rear wing brings a handling experience unique to the GT in the age of electronics to those who love driving. Unlike conventional coupés, HiPhi Z's active aero rear wing operates at the right time with digital-age software control, delivering 468N of downforce at a top speed of 200km/h.


HiPhi Z's agile flair stems from its active rear-wheel steering system with a total of 13.2 degrees in both directions. At high speeds, it deflects in the same direction for a smoother, safer, and more comfortable lane change experience; at low speeds, it deflects in the opposite direction for more flexible movements, with a turning radius of just 5.7m.


Handling of the age of electronics also means uncompromising driving comfort. HiPhi Z is equipped with an air suspension system with 4 levels of height adjustment and a CDC continuous damping system, which enables the user to control the car with ease and showcase the high-performance GT style.

Under the control of the HiPhi IVC Integrated Vehicle Dynamic Control System, different control units and actuators become a hardware team working in synergy. Combined with feed-forward control logic, HiPhi Z enjoys greater steering, stability, and ultimate responsiveness.

Powerful dynamics need to be complemented by excellent handling to achieve the stable qualities of HiPhi Z. The vehicle is equipped with high-performance dual motors at the front and rear, with a single motor producing up to 247kW of power and 410Nm of torque, enabling 0-100 km/h acceleration in just 3.8s.

To complete a journey of discovery into the future, inexhaustible power is the key to reaching the destination. HiPhi Z is powered by a 120-degree CTP battery pack with industry-leading power and energy density, providing a maximum CLTC range of 705km, which is more than enough to accompany owners on their journey through the vast blueprint of the future.


HiPhi Z now available for pre-order, the future of driving is within reach

HiPhi Z is now available for pre-order. Orders with confirmed specs can be placed from 1 October, with deliveries expected to commence within 2022. Users who place orders or confirm specs within 2022 will be entitled to additional benefits. Meanwhile, to thank current users for their continued support, HiPhi X owners who purchase HiPhi Z will receive a free optional flexible battle amour wheel assembly, as well as additional exclusive benefits. For more information, please visit HiPhi’s website or contact our 400 Customer Service Hotline. HiPhi stores and delivery centers are at your service.


With the spirit of "live to create", HiPhi has produced HiPhi X, an evolvable supercar SUV, and HiPhi Z, a TECHLUXE® intelligent coupé. As the only Chinese brand making continuous efforts in the luxury EV market in China, HiPhi does not simply cater to the market. Instead, we insist on creating disruptive flagship products. HiPhi Z, a car from the "future", is a gift from HiPhi for the "young" creators of today. We hope that our brand spirit will inspire our peers to move forward, and HiPhi Z will be a reflection of their independence of thought, their cutting-edge ideas, and their creative spirit.

The brand spirit of HiPhi is "live to create" and "aim high". In the future, HiPhi will continue to take on the mission of revitalizing the automobile industry of China and earning more respect from the world for the Chinese auto brand.

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