HiPhi Won Two Awards in the National Automobile Brand List at the 2022 China Auto Innovation Conference

On 23 July, the 2022 China Auto Innovation Conference opened in Changchun, where the "2022 National Automobile Brand List" was released. The HiPhi brand from Human Horizons won two awards, "Smart" (intelligent technology) and "Quality" (outstanding taste), setting a benchmark for the development of homegrown Chinese auto brands and promoting the Chinese auto industry with intelligent technologies.


2022 National Automobile Brand List Released

The 2022 National Automobile Brand List was compiled by the China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC) based on consumer demand research, expert consulting, and internet community content data to encourage Chinese auto brands to grow.

"3-Smart" Strategy Empowers Intelligent DNA2.jpeg

"Smart" means "intelligent technology". As an innovative technology company focusing on the future mobility experience, Human Horizons seeks to connect "people, vehicles, roads, cities, and clouds" based on our "3-Smart" strategy: Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation, and Smart City. We aim to further develop smart transportation and help build a smart city based on the development and industrialization of intelligent EV and smart mobility technologies with their R&D innovations.

HiPhi has always been adhering to the brand concept of "live to create".Two of our models, HiPhi X, an evolvable supercar SUV, and debuted HiPhi Z, a digital life GT, have been developed based on the innovative concepts of “design defined by scenarios” and “vehicle defined by software”. Our continuous co-creation with users and groundbreaking technologies have redefined the future of the luxury experience of smart mobility. The introduction of the "3-Smart" strategy, the implementation of the "3- Definitions" development concept and the outstanding market performance have all earned a spot for HiPhi on the National Automobile Brand List.

Outstanding taste co-created with users

The word "quality" means "outstanding taste" and "a sense of refinement and a better experience that give users stronger perceived values". With the new approach of "co-creation", HiPhi is building an intelligent premium BEV brand together with users. Co-creation with users is in HiPhi’s brand DNA and is one of the sources of HiPhi’s outstanding quality.

Based on the H-SOA electrical and electronic architecture, "HiPhi Play", an AI graphical development tool is a co-creation platform, where users can create thousands of new scenarios. After HiPhi X has been in the market, HiPhi owners have edited and created more than 3,500 scenario cards, covering a wide range of scenarios such as road trips, camping, family trips, and festivals. Creative users with great taste defined their car scenarios for better experiences, which is why HiPhi and all its owners deserve the award of "outstanding taste".

HiPhi represents that a Chinese brand can finally stand out in the premium luxury market and has filled a long-standing gap in its market segment for Chinese brands.

Previously, HiPhi X has been highly recognized both in and out of the industry. It won Gold Award for Exterior Design from the China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA), the Xuanyuan Award, the highest professional award in the Chinese automotive industry, and the Model of the Year Award from Global Auto. It has also gained the best-ever score from CATARC CCRT (China automotive Consumer Research and Testing center) and C-NCAP 5-star in crash safety. Other awards include the IDA award from the U.S. and the Red Dot Design Award from Germany.

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