Statement on Trademark Protection

Recently, HiPhi Automotive Sales & Services Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “HiPhi Auto”)has received inquiries from customers and the media regarding the use of the new trademark of Renault S.A.S. In this regard, HiPhi Auto hereby issues this statement.

Human Horizons Holdings(Shanghai)Co., Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as “Human Horizons”), the parent company of HiPhi Auto, has since August 2018 registered the protected graphic trademark  hiphi logo(hereinafter referred to as "HiPhi Icon") in key markets around the world (including the European Union), incorporated HiPhi Icon into the designs of many automotive products and applied for global patent layout protection. HiPhi Auto has obtained authorization from Human Horizons to use the trademark.

Renault S.A.S. has applied for two graphic trademarks 华人运通 and/or logo2-30.png;(hereinafter referred to as the "Renault Icon") in the European Union, China, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, Brazil, Russia and other countries since January 2021. In June 2021, Renault S.A.S. applied for a patent for the appearance of the complete vehicle containing the Renault Icon in China. The company has used the Renault Icon on its official website, in auto shows and other occasions.

HiPhi Auto believes that the Renault Icon, bearing a close resemblance to the HiPhi Icon (especially with respect to the rotating parts and scenes viewed from different angles), has created some uncertainty in its brand development and ongoing business expansion plan in Europe.

After serving Renault S.A.S. with a lawyer's letter warning the company of the trademark infringement, to no avail regrettably, Human Horizons petitioned for and obtained a temporary injunction from the Court of Dusseldorf in October 2021. Renault Deutschland AG was enjoined by the court to suspend the use of the Renault Icon in Germany. The parties are still in the regular court hearings, trademark opposition and cancellation proceedings. When the time becomes ripe, HiPhi Auto and Human Horizons will disclose the result of the relevant legal proceedings to the public.

The purpose of this statement is to set out the facts relating to the use of the trademark between the parties and to avoid confusion among users of HiPhi Auto and investors as to the similarity of the brand, without making any judgment or implication as to whether there is infringement involved. Human Horizons and HiPhi Auto will pursue all appropriate legal remedies to protect their rights and interests and will comply with and respect the relevant rulings in force.

HiPhi Automotive Sales & Services Co., Ltd.