Human Horizons Appoints Kevin Zhang as New Chief Digital Officer


Human Horizons announced that Kevin Zhang has joined the company as Chief Digital Officer. The industry-leading new mobility and intelligent driving research company behind the premium high-performance super SUV, HiPhi X, has begun nationwide sales and customer deliveries in China and will be leveraging Kevin’s technical expertise to increase production efficiency and improve the overall service experience. 

In his new role, Kevin will be working alongside founder and CEO, Ding Lei, and the executive team that has grown Human Horizons into a world-class car manufacturer within a few short years. Recently, the company has also welcomed Michael Li as new Co-President and Chairman of Sales and Services, and Co-Founder Kevin Chen has changed role to become the company COO. These personnel changes reflect the company's entrance into a new stage of business evolution focusing on providing a consistent and seamless premium customer experience whilst further developing its international branding presence. 

About joining the team, Kevin Zhang said, “It is my absolute honor to be joining the innovation powerhouse of Human Horizons. The mission of the company to leverage the latest in cutting-edge technology to create incredible products and provide outstanding services is something completely unique to Human Horizons. I am very excited to be playing a role in the company’s digital future and look forward to working together with our users to create genuine value.” 

Welcoming Kevin on joining the team, Human Horizons founder and CEO, Ding Lei said, “Kevin not only brings with him a wealth of experience and resources in digital transformation, but also a reputation as being a pioneer in the use of big data and smart manufacturing. As production and delivery volumes of the HiPhi X continue to increase, we are excited to be able to work together with more and more users. I am very happy to welcome Kevin to the team, I have great confidence he will be an invaluable asset in our path to accelerate data-driven technological innovation.”

A graduate from Jilin University of Technology with a Bachelor of Science degree in computational mechanics, Kevin Zhang has served as the head of the Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning department of Digital China, the head of the PCCW product department of PCCW, the deputy general manager of Sina Auto, and the co-president of Autohome Inc. At Autohome, Kevin was renowned for his innovative practices such as utilizing big data analytics, personalized smart advertising and successfully launching an online VR auto show. His expertise in data-driven digital transformation helped to triple the company’s market value to around USD $11 billion and set them on a course for further growth.