Human Horizons’ Super SUV, HiPhi X, Wows Crowds at Guangzhou Auto Show

Making its South China debut at the 2020 Guangzhou Auto Show, Human Horizons’ HiPhi X left a standout impression with its unique design and technological features. Human Horizons is a smart mobility and intelligent driving research company. HiPhi X is the first production model and the world’s first evolvable super SUV. Packed with outstanding new functionality, the intelligent driving electric car combines cutting edge technology with all the trimmings of a luxury vehicle to bring about a new experience for consumers TECHLUXE®.

Held annually since 2003, the Guangzhou Auto Show is South China’s largest exhibition for cars, accessories and other motor vehicles. The event is an opportunity for carmakers around the world to gather and showcase their latest innovations and newest offerings. Following great success at the 2020 Beijing Auto Show in October and Shanghai 2020 China International Import Expo in November, Guangzhou marks another important milestone for the HiPhi X on the road to mass-production. 


The super SUV displayed at the exhibition garnered much attention with a choreographed performance to the tunes of “Red Sun” and “I Love You China” synchronizing the music with the vehicle’s lighting and door system to resemble a dance. The performances showcased the HiPhi X’s innovative NT Door system, its sleek modern design inside and out, and the unique functionality of its lighting systems.


After the pre-production vehicles completed the world-first autonomous vehicle roll-off just last month on October 30, Human Horizons is set to begin official deliveries of the HiPhi X in mid-2021.Vehicle production will ramp up throughout the year utilizing the nearly entirely automated manufacturing facility in Yancheng. The HiPhi X is available in either four-seater or six-seater for RMB 800,000 and RMB 680,000 respectively. As well as being regarded as honorable first customers, the first 3,000 owners of the Founders Edition will also be awarded a lifetime service guarantee.


Underpinned by the fundamental principles of “design defined by scenarios, vehicles defined by software, and value defined by co-creation”, HiPhi X is a unique addition to the world of super electric vehicles. Human Horizons have defined a new market segment for the vehicle, which is called TECHLUXE®; a unique combination of a luxury vehicle with cutting-edge technological functionality. 

HiPhi X also provides outstanding vehicle performance. It is able to go from 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds and has a cruising range of 550km. Active rear-wheel drive steering provides a turning radius comparable to a small car. Driver comfort and world class functionality is provided through an AI assistant - HiPhiGo, together with a TouchPad enabled multi-function steering wheel, HiPhi X also has the world’s first Level 4 Autonomous Valet Parking (AVP) system built into a production vehicle.