Human Horizons and Dow Present Green Smart-Manufacturing at China International Import Expo

Leading Chinese intelligent driving and smart mobility research company, Human Horizons’, debuted its world-class super SUV, the HiPhi X, at the 2020 China International Import Export Expo (CIIE) in Shanghai alongside close partner and Fortune 500 company, Dow Inc. Taking a place in the Intelligent Industry & Information Technology section of the expo, the two companies showcased their innovative joint-developments in the HiPhi X, including the first mass-produced BETAFOAM™ Acoustic Foams for use in automobiles.


As one of the largest and most important trade exhibitions around the world, the 2020 CIIE marks the third consecutive year for the event and is expected to attract around half a million visitors. The 6-day event spanning November 5th - 10th, is an opportunity for industry-leading innovators to showcase their latest products and developments, attract global talent, and further bolster international trade.

Regarding the Expo, Human Horizons founder and Chairman Ding Lei said, “Over the past three years, the CIIE has been an important channel for Human Horizons to gather global resources and knowledge. Today, three years on, Human Horizons is here to show the world a new standard in Chinese smart manufacturing, the HiPhi X.”


As a leader in smart mobility and automotive technology, Human Horizons’ demonstrated its positioning as being a driver of innovation and development in the industry at the exhibition alongside strategic partner, Dow Inc. The two organizations both share a common vision and passion for innovation and have been in close collaboration from early 2018 when CEO of Dow Inc., Jim Fitterling, visited Human Horizons headquarters in Shanghai. Since then, a number of joint innovation seminars have been held, celebrating this shared passion and setting in motion a number of important developments in the creation of the HiPhi X as the world’s first evolvable super SUV. 


On display at this year’s 2020 CIIE was the ‘acoustic foam’ jointly-developed between Human Horizons and Dow Inc. This foam is the result of nearly three years of joint-effort and is specially designed to improve sound quality inside the vehicle. The product effectively isolates the acoustic environment inside the HiPhi X, virtually eliminating NVH acoustic cavity resonance. In addition to providing a much-enhanced quality feel and experience for the end-users, the foam can also be easily installed by automated machinery, allowing for safer and more efficient production lines. It helps make vehicles lighter weight, while providing the same or improved vehicle safety in terms of dstiffness, load capacity, pillar and beam stability and crash performance.


Also on show was the new TC series battery thermal conductive material with 20% lower density than conventional thermal pads. Another joint innovation, this conductive material is lightweight and has properties of high thermal conductivity, whilst meeting even the most stringent of global standards for premium electric smart cars. Meeting these standards enhances the battery safety and gives outstanding fire and flame retardant properties. These cutting edge safety innovations in the HiPhi X, means the super SUV is an inherently safer mobility solution and not just a hi-tech electric car.