HiPhi X Launches First Programmable and Customizable Matrix Lighting System with PML and ISD Modules


HiPhi, Human Horizons' premium, smart, all-electric vehicle brand, is excited to announce that the HiPhi X will be equipped with the world's first programmable and customizable matrix lighting system, comprising of dual-core lighting modules with Programmable Matrix Lighting (PML) and Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) panels. HiPhi X is designed for real-world applications with the capability to detect road environments and autonomously adjust accordingly. 



PML is equipped with a built-in Electronic Control Unit (ECU) that contains a chipset which is able to directly control the lamp and its micro-mirrors. When the infrared camera detects a pedestrian or vehicle, the ECU will compute a solution within milliseconds based on its intelligent algorithms. The path and brightness of the light is changed by modifying the angle of the micro-mirrors, thereby allowing more or less adaptive lighting which ultimately provides for safer driving. HiPhi X is the first model in the industry to combine infrared night vision technology and smart headlamps in this way. The powerful night vision capability allows the PML to detect objects and people with more precision and allows the light to shine further. HiPhi X can simultaneously perform real-time detection on up to six entities including pedestrians and vehicles within 400 meters range at night. 




The mechanism that controls the light and mirrors utilizes voltage instead of traditional hydraulic or mechanical method. This enables greater speed and accuracy and enhances service-life. PML also enables the projection of text, images, and video footage. The projections can be provided for various use cases including festival light shows, customizable user images, or movies.


With its unique Human Oriented Architecture (HOA), HiPhi X enables users to program their lights. They can customize them using the editing interface or mobile application. HOA is also able to accommodate over-the-air (OTA) updates. 



PML enables the lights to adapt based on the speed of the vehicle; automatically switching between four driving lighting modes: standard low, urban high, standard high, and cluster high. It can also detect the driving conditions and adjust to six unique lighting features: vehicle tracking, trajectory prediction, lane departure warning, lane change alert. 


HiPhi X utilizes a revolutionary liquid cooling system to efficiently remove excess heat. This ensures the vehicle lights system continues to operate normally even with extreme external temperatures ranging from as low as -40 and high as 100 degrees Celsius. 

HiPhi X also deploys the world's first mass-production ISD. The vehicle carries four LED Matrixes formed by 1712 LEDs; one on each corner. The ISD smart interactive light is designed with dynamic interactive graphics for seven primary driving situations: forward collision warning, rear collision warning, U-turn indicator, charging status monitor, vehicle lock reminder, remote-control auto parking monitor, and pedestrian yield reminder.


HiPhi X will be launched this month at Auto China in Beijing, with production planned at the end of 2020, and delivery starting from 2021.