Human Horizons Launches the First Vehicle-Road-City Integrated Smart City with 5G Driverless Traffic Monitoring Model

Recently, Human Horizons’ 5G driverless traffic management model of the first vehicle-road-city integrated smart city in the world has been successfully implemented in the artificial intelligence arena of the Zhangjiang High Tech Park in Shanghai. This is another significant step of the "3 Smart" strategy of Human Horizons after the release of "Smart Road" in Yancheng in January 2019 and of HiPhi 1 in July 2019, a premium all-electric supercar inspired SUV. Ding Lei, founder of Human Horizons, said: the “3 Smart” project implementation in all respective fields provides a successful practice and a complete set of systematic solutions toward future-oriented mobility of accident-free, emission-free and congestion-free travel."


"Smart Vehicle" - "HiPhi City" all-electric driverless smart bus



“Smart Road” – integration of high-precision cameras, LiDAR, radar and edge computing systems


"Smart City" - a traffic management monitoring center that integrates cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and vehicle-road big data

The system relies on 5G network with high stability, low delay, and wide bandwidth communication to ensure safe and efficient collaboration, thereby demonstrating the prototype of future smart city driverless traffic monitoring, and provide a sample for systematically solving urban traffic problems and improving urban management efficiency. HiPhi 1, the first mass produced vehicle of Human Horizons, will be equipped with 5G + V2X as a standard. In the future, it can be seamlessly connected with this set of management system and other smart roads, so as to move towards a true “smart transportation”.


The HiPhi 

Since its establishment more than two years ago, Human Horizons has completed the comprehensive strategic blueprint of smart vehicles, smart transportation and smart cities. Ding Lei, founder of Human Horizons, said: "to change the vision of future mobility is a systematic project, which should be considered from technology, application, user experience, management and other aspects. It also requires the cooperation and joint efforts of enterprises, research institutions, government agencies, etc. We hope that such progressive explorations can be promoted to the city as soon as possible, providing passengers with a worry-free, interesting and technologically advanced mobility experience and creating a pleasant future-oriented life."