David Ding Attends the 2022 Shanghai-Hong Kong Sci-tech Innovation Dialogue: "Vehicle-Road-City Integration" Will Drive Energy Saving and Emission Reduction

On August 16, the 2022 Shanghai-Hong Kong Sci-tech Innovation Dialogue was held in Shanghai. David Ding, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HiPhi, joined the forum of "Green low-carbon development to promote cooperation between Shanghai and Hong Kong in new energy vehicle technology and market application". According to David, the "vehicle-road-city integration" system solution will ease urban traffic congestion, make travelling smoother, and achieve energy saving and emission reduction.


David Ding, Founder, Chairman, and CEO of HiPhi attends the 2022 Shanghai-Hong Kong Sci-tech Innovation Dialogue

According to David, as one of the four most fundamental aspects of human social activities, "travelling" covers the broadest range and has the highest proportion of energy consumption and emissions. Therefore, achieving the goal of "dual carbon" by using secondary energy is vital for "travelling" at present. Nowadays, electricity is the secondary energy widely used in means of transport, such as express trains, city metros, and e-scooters. But most passenger cars are still using fuel. Therefore, the development of all-electric new energy vehicles will become a global trend.

In David's view, improving transportation has become another important direction for the development of the automotive industry. Since its founding, Human Horizons has put forward the "3-Smart" Strategy: Smart Vehicle, Smart Transportation, and Smart City, to realize the connections between vehicles, roads, and cities. HiPhi, the premium brand from Human Horizons has launched "dual flagships": HiPhi X, an evolvable supercar SUV, and HiPhi Z, a Digital GT. Different from traditional ICVs or electrified ICVs, HiPhi X and HiPhi Z models are built on an intelligent platform as future EVs.

Since its delivery over a year ago, HiPhi X has topped the sales chart of luxury EVs priced over RMB 500,000 and has been the sales champion in 2022 H1. HiPhi Z, the second model will also be delivered by the end of 2022.

Human Horizons is also unfolding smart transportation and smart city solutions, using vehicle-road-city connected data, AI, and cloud computing to connect people, vehicles, roads, cities, and clouds. David believes that the ultimate development direction of new energy vehicles is not only energy saving and emission reduction, but also being safer and smoother, which is the only way to fundamentally realize energy saving and emission reduction.


HiPhi X and HiPhi Z mark the official start of HiPhi’s new era of dual flagship strategy

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