HiPhi Accelerates the Construction of Smart Energy Ecological Network


At the beginning of the Chinese New Year 2023, Human Horizons HiPhi announced that it will fully promote the HiPhi Energy service system, which will continue to access charging resources, and comprehensively expand the smart ecological network consisting of smart charging products, HiPhi charging stations, as well as HiPhi energy and charging partners. We look forward to continuing to serve our users with the concept of "convenience, intelligence, privilege, and innovation" in 2023.




By the end of 2022, HiPhi has reached cooperation with 8 charging brands: Teld, State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Xiaoju Charging, Starcharge, Xindiantu, YKC, and Newlink Kuaidian. HiPhi also gained access to high-speed charging resources of Guangdong Tianlu. In 2022, we introduced over 30,000 charging stations and more than 180,000 charging terminals into our charging network, which now includes 530,000 charging terminals, providing HiPhi owners with more convenient energy replenishment services.




In addition, HiPhi brings an exclusive hassle-free TECHLUXE mobility experience to users through the introduction of new features: "seamless" auto-payment and smart ground lock in HiPhi charging stations. We have also started the home charging pile inspection tour across China to build customized charging stations for users who find charging inconvenient.


Looking to the future, Human Horizons HiPhi is actively exploring the charging station recommendation algorithm. The goal is to prioritize stations with high satisfaction rates and high charging frequency in user recommendations to maximize the charging experience. With the launch of pilot projects for energy storage super-charging stations and battery gradient utilization, HiPhi will join hands with more partners to create a more open and convenient ecosystem for green new energy connectivity.


*The statistics of this report are from January 1, 2022 to December 21, 2022.

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