HiPhi Z Wins Design Intelligence Award (DIA)

Recently, the 2022 Global Ceremony and 2023 Call for Entry of the 7th Design Intelligence Award (DIA), which is known as the "Oscars of Industrial Design", was launched. Human Horizons HiPhi Z won the Silver Award in the Product Group of the 2022 DIA among more than 8,000 outstanding industrial design works from more than 70 countries and regions around the world. The Silver Award is also the highest award received in the automotive category.

HiPhi Z Wins Design Intelligence Award (DIA)

Design Intelligence Award (DIA) is the first international award in the field of industrial design in China. Organized by the China Academy of Art, which is known as the "cradle of modern art education in China", and supported by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, the China Industrial Design Association, and the Industrial Design Teaching Advisory Board under the Ministry of Education, it is known as the "Oscars of Industrial Design". Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the brand standards and operation methods of international awards and created the "Golden Intelligent Pyramid" (an evaluation system of contemporary design innovation). DIA has also promoted the integration of China and global industrial design and intelligent innovation technologies, and continuously expanded its international influence.

This year's award is divided into Product Group and Concept Group. 550 expert judges from 37 countries and regions, including editors-in-chief of famous design magazines, experts from design museums, professors from design colleges, and executives from enterprises, reviewed 8010 entries from 70 countries and regions to select innovative, inclusive, and interdisciplinary design works from the aspects of cultural innovation, life wisdom, industrial equipment, and digital economy. The award was given to the most authoritative design work in the field of industrial design. The award of the authoritative prize in the field of industrial design is a high recognition of the innovation and design of HiPhi Z. It highlights the unique technological aesthetic concept of Human Horizons and its strength of independent innovation, design, and R&D.


At the ceremony, the China Academy of Art also joined hands with all the art colleges, designer organizations, digital technology, and advanced manufacturing companies connected by DIA to initiate the Design Intelligence Union" (DIU). As a representative of vehicle design in China's automotive industry, Human Horizons HiPhi became a founding member of the DIU.


As a representative of vehicle design in China's automotive industry, Human Horizons HiPhi became a founding member of the DIU.


Based on the synergy of digital ecology, Human Horizons uses "Three Definitions" to create innovative automotive design experiences


The theme of the 2022 DIA Award focuses on "Design Collaboration", which means breaking barriers and building new integration relationships based on the integration of design, technology and art in different dimensions of production, life and ecosystem. In the era of digital ecology, the HiPhi Design team brings together the Chinese automotive industry and global design talents, and introduces new digital tools and technologies. They build unique products and experiences for users based on the concepts of "scenario-defined design", "vehicle-defined by software", and "value-defined by co-creation". The creative and design-oriented exterior of HiPhi Z is the best example.

In creating HiPhi Z, the HiPhi team tried their best to strike a balance between subjective and subconscious creativity, drawing inspiration from science fiction movies, maximizing the personality and proportional features of the body, and simulating the pixel style through extensive use of profiles and angles to create a unique styling that is both futuristic, digital, and intelligent.

The vehicle adopts out-of-the-box design, such as the star ring ISD lights and HiPhi Bot, a multi-axis displacement onboard digital robot. Based on HiPhi H-SOA super body electrical/electronic architecture, the digitalized smart hardware and functions of the vehicle can decouple the hardware and software to achieve personalized combinations, and bring unprecedented immersive experience through the 3D digital car model, HiPhi Show, HiPhi Play scenario card, and other functions, bringing the benefits of digital ecology to users and providing unique emotional values.


The concept of being highly integrated, open, inclusive, and cross-over collaboration injects new vitality into automotive design

The birth of HiPhi Z, which combines science and art, pragmatism and innovation, is inseparable from the concept of "highly integrated" inherent in Human Horizons HiPhi, which also coincides with DIA's "Design Collaboration" theme.

In terms of design, the Shanghai Design Center and the Japan Center have been working together to explore new innovative tools in various fields, including AI tools and cross-over technologies such as Unreal Engine, and thinking about how to apply them to create new experiences with innovative technologies. The digital tools not only stimulate the creativity of the design team, but also help the team to present innovative ideas in just a few minutes that would take nearly a week or even weeks of work in the traditional era.

Since its inception, Human Horizons HiPhi has brought together an established and systematic team with rich industrial experience, while attracting innovative entrepreneurs from different industry backgrounds to build a highly integrated, innovative and future-oriented technology company.


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