HiPhi Signed a Master-to-Master Strategic Cooperation Agreement with ICBC Peony Card Center

On 31 March 2023, HiPhi Auto of Human Horizons and ICBC Credit Card signed a Master-to-Master Strategic Cooperation agreement in Beijing. The two companies will work together to provide customers with superior quality auto financial services, and meet their auto financing needs efficiently and conveniently.

The companies will provide efficient and intelligent mobility services to HiPhi car owners through complementary advantages, resource sharing, information sharing and scenario creation, based on the high level of cross-over cooperation between "technological innovation" and "smart finance". Tang Jun, Vice President of Finance of HiPhi Auto, and Shi Hailong, Vice President of Peony Card Centre of ICBC, attended the signing ceremony.



Digital innovation Cooperation to create a new ecology of smart and diversified scenarios

Based on the cooperation between the automotive and financial services industries, HiPhi will partner with ICBC credit card to provide intelligent and customised financial services with high efficiency and reliability, and create a new ecology of diversified scenarios with digital innovation cooperation. The financial services cover various fees, including car purchase, vehicle purchase tax, insurance, maintenance, vehicle decoration, etc., providing users with high-end financial services in the automotive life cycle.

In addition, with its nationwide network system and comprehensive personal financial services, ICBC credit card will support HiPhi with its channels, brands and products to build an automotive ecology and provide a better financial service experience.


HiPhi and ICBC credit card make joint efforts to provide users with high-end financial services in the automotive life cycle.

HiPhi is a benchmark product for luxury electric vehicles, powered by Human Horizons, with avant-garde design, superior occupant experience and industry-leading intelligence. Over the past five years, HiPhi has consistently followed its own development path, gaining recognition in the high-end market with the concept of direct access to users. The product, operation and service are recognised by customers and the market, who are fully aware that HiPhi is the choice for high-end electric vehicles. HiPhi has secured its position at the top of the luxury brand segment.

The partnership between HiPhi and the ICBC credit card creates a one-stop, high-end financial service that meets the needs of all scenarios with the help of a professional team, upgrading consumption and creating a win-win situation for users, banks and companies.


HiPhi will continue to build an open and co-creative service experience

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