HiPhi Partners with Yonda to Innovate Channel Development, Announcing the Grand Opening of HiPhi User Centre (Kangqiao Store)


The Grand Opening of HiPhi User Centre (Kangqiao Store)

On 30 March, 2023, HiPhi, the global benchmark brand of luxury electric vehicles, cooperated with Yonda Group to jointly open the HiPhi User Centre (Shanghai Kangqiao Store). This marks a new stage in the development of HiPhi, which insists on the concept of "direct access to users" and introduces a "cooperative direct sales" model based on "self-operated direct sales" to accelerate channel expansion. HiPhi plans to establish 100 channels this year, bringing the total to over 200.


The Opening Ceremony of HiPhi User Centre (Kangqiao Store) has been held successfully

Insisting on direct access to users and working with Yonda to start a new stage of brand developing

HiPhi has established self-operated channels that provide direct service to users in the core business districts of first-tier, new first-tier and provincial capitals. In addition, HiPhi is able to reach 10,000 owners directly through offline service centres, HiPhi APP, 400 and butler service groups. The integrated online and offline service enables HiPhi owners in more than 200 cities across China to experience honourable and attentive service. The five-star satisfaction rating from users is over 99%, which has established the brand recognition of high-end luxury electric vehicles and the rapid response mechanism of the whole system.

In 2023, HiPhi will enter the 2.0 stage of development. In terms of channel construction, HiPhi will always insist on "direct access to users" based on "self-operated direct sales", make full use of social resources, and cooperate with leading companies in the industry to develop "cooperative direct sales". We will work with leading companies in the industry to develop an innovative model of "cooperative direct sales" and promote high-end models and services to the market.

As the leading company with a complete automotive sales and service industry chain in China, Yonda Group is one of the conglomerates with the most brands for agent, the most comprehensive service and the largest operating network. Leading the industry, Yonda Group has not only set up a dedicated New Energy Vehicle Group, but also actively expanded its innovative cooperation in the fields of Internet ecology, digital marketing and user operation. The HiPhi user centre (Shanghai Kangqiao Store), which was built by HiPhi and Yonda, is the first shop jointly created by HiPhi and a large professional auto sales and service group, providing HiPhi customers with a full range of services that are convenient, intelligent, premium and innovative.

Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi, said, "HiPhi has always been committed to building a new era high-end electric vehicle brand and providing users with a new mobility experience for the future. Today, HiPhi and Yonda Group have jointly combined the business concept of direct access to users, innovative user operation system and abundant industry resources, and introduced an innovative cooperation model based on self-operated direct sales to support the rapid and high-quality development of HiPhi and provide high-end products and services for the new era of automobiles."

Zhang De'an, Chairman of Yonda Group, said: "The partnership between HiPhi and Yonda to create a user centre is the high degree of integration between Yonda's service philosophy of 'integrity and pursuit of excellence' and HiPhi's core philosophy of 'direct access to users'. We will work together to provide more 'global benchmark luxury electric vehicles'. We are honoured to step into a new era of direct-to-customer service with HiPhi, which is also an important opportunity for Yonda Group to develop in a new aspect. We are confident in our future! We will continue to provide professional and high-end services to the HiPhi users."

Song Tao, assistant to the chairman of China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), was entrusted by the chairman Shen Jinjun to attend the ceremony and deliver a speech expressing CADA's full support for the cooperation between the two companies, particularly the new channel mode created by the high-end luxury electric vehicle brand and the leading automobile sales and service group in China, which will accelerate the transformation of China's new energy vehicle market and achieve a real mutual benefit and win-win situation, as well as establish a demonstration mode for other automobile sales and service groups.

华人运通 Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi, Cai Yingjie, Vice Chairman of Yonda Group, Song Tao, Assistant to the Chairman of China Automobile Dealers Association, Liu Zhongming, Vice President of HiPhi, Li Hongpeng, Chairman of Marketing Business Specialist of HiPhi, Tang Liang, Vice President of Yonda Group, and Zhang Junfeng, General Manager of Yonda-HiPhi are cutting the ribbon for the opening of the user centre together.


Grand Opening of HiPhi User Centre, the owner got the HiPhi Z on the Spot

On the opening day, Mr. Xu and his wife, Ms. Li, got the keys to the HiPhi Z from Xu Bin, General Manager of Brand and Marketing Communications of HiPhi, and Sun Tianya, General Manager of Yonda New Energy Vehicle Group, and became the twin flagship owners ofHiPhi X and HiPhi Z. Mr. Xu said, "HiPhi X has offered me and my family a brand new experience and service, and Chinese brand is among the best in the field of global new energy intelligent vehicles. I chose HiPhi again because of my love for the brand, but more importantly, the HiPhi Z's distinctive styling, intelligent performance, and the experience during the test drive. Today we made our dream comes true again."

华人运通The owners got the HiPhi Z, becoming the twin flagship owners ofHiPhi X and HiPhi Z


The newly opened HiPhi User Centre (Shanghai Kangqiao Store) is located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, adjacent to the experience centres of premium brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Volvo. The purple and white building, and the brand logo, symbolising "high integration", present a simple and open design. The twin flagships, HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, representing the China's electric vehicle power, are displayed in the middle of the hall.

华人运通The HiPhi user centre will provide convenient, intelligent, premium and innovative service.


The 3000 square metre User Centre will provide customers with a brand new mobility experience. The User Centre will provide customers with a one-stop high-end service from brand experience, sales to delivery, and service. On the opening night, HiPhi owners gathered for a "house warming party". The User Centre will also be a space where ideas collide and inspiration is born.

华人运通The User Centre will be a space where ideas collide and inspiration is born

As a global benchmark for high-end electric vehicles, HiPhi adheres to the three guiding principles of "Design defined by scenarios, vehicle defined by software, value defined by co-creation" to create the future mobility experience with customers. Based on the self-developed H-SOA electric and electronic architecture, the "twin flagships" - the luxury supercar SUV HiPhi X and the luxury electric supercar GT HiPhi Z - offer customers a TECHLUXE® technological and luxury experience.

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