HiPhi and Meridian Audio announce deepening of strategic partnership

On 3 April, 2023, HiPhi, an innovative technology company of Human Horizon, and Meridian Audio, the world's top luxury audio brand, have announced a deepening strategic partnership to further strengthen their collaboration in the field of luxury in-car audio systems and jointly explore the evolving sound experience . Since the partnership in 2020, the Meridian Audio system featured in HiPhi's twin flagship HiPhi X and HiPhi Z has connected owners to the emotions of acoustic music performances, providing HiPhi owners with the ultimate experience. The third model of HiPhi will also be equipped with Meridian Audio system.



John Buchanan, Global CEO of Meridian Audio (Left), and Ding Lei, Founder, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi, at Meridian Global Headquarters in Huntingdon, UK


Ding Lei said, "HiPhi is committed to building a global benchmark brand for luxury electric vehicles, so we strive for perfection in our products. Meridian Audio's groundbreaking technology and professional accumulation in the industry are highly integrated with our deep understanding and innovative spirit of intelligent vehicles, bringing users a high quality audio experience that stands out from the rest."

John Buchanan, CEO of Meridian Audio, said: "The HiPhi X and HiPhi Z we have created with HiPhi offer a stunning audio experience. They are a groundbreaking and impressive creation. Deepening our partnership will be another important milestone in the history of our company, from the leap forward in technological innovation to the focus on every detail. We are delighted to bring our products to every enthusiastic user.

At the end of October, Buchanan invited Ding Lei to visit Meridian's global headquarters in Huntington to experience the HiPhi Z audio system tuned by Meridian's professional acoustic team and to participate in the system acceptance. The two companies also discussed product areas and cooperation. The two parties have recently agreed on a new round of strategic cooperation, which will expand the cooperation in terms of models and services, and extend the cooperation period.



Ding Lei, CEO of HiPhi (third from left) and Mark Stanton, CTO of HiPhi (second from left), and John Buchanan, CEO of Britannica (fourth from left) at Britannica's UK headquarters


Building a mobile musical palace with premium acoustics together

As the leading company in digital audio systems, Meridian Audio is a luxury brand that continues to push the boundaries of digital innovation. HiPhi is the first Chinese automotive company to partner with Meridian Audio. Since the official cooperation in 2020, Meridian has been deeply involved in designing the structural layout of related products and has taken the lead in the overall development of the audio system to ensure that the audio system of HiPhi X and HiPhi Z meets Meridian's standards and requirements. The HiPhi X and HiPhi Z audio systems have been tuned and developed and approved by Meridian's engineering team in their professional laboratory at the headquarters in Cambridgeshire, UK.


Meridian has been deeply involved in designing the structural layout of related products and has taken the lead in the overall development of the audio system


As a leader in digital audio technology, Meridian Audio believes that, in addition to advanced acoustic instruments, a wealth of experience and an understanding of sound aesthetics are crucial to tuning. Meridian Audio has brought together a number of leading in-car audio tuners, acoustic and algorithmic engineers for the HiPhi audio system. Each engineer has a proven track record in high quality in-car audio tuning. Meridian's engineering team performed professional and bespoke audio measurement and tuning for various HiPhi models, creating a mobile musical palace.


Meridian's engineering team carries out specialized and customized audio measurements and tuning for different models of HiPhi


Meridian will continue to be featured on the third model of the HiPhi, carrying on the ultimate audio experience of authenticity, vibrancy and naturalness.


HiPhi Twin Flagship--HiPhi X and HiPhi Z



Meridian Audio System for HiPhi Z

The HiPhi Z is the second model in the partnership with Meridian after the flagship HiPhi X. The HiPhi Z is equipped with the Meridian audio system as standard, with a maximum power of 2820W on the audio system platform and a total of 23 speakers in a surround layout. Each speaker is equipped with at least one dedicated power channel to ensure a low distortion, high dynamic audio experience. The customized audio system, designed to suit the unique interior, makes full use of Meridian's six core tuning technologies of TRUE TIME, DIGITAL PRECISION, HORIZON, PERFECT BALANCE, INTELLI-Q and RE-Q. In addition, different diaphragm materials have been developed for different types of speakers, together with million-level NVH tuning and the application of innovative acoustic materials, making the vehicle as a musical palace on wheels through leading-edge technology.


HiPhi Z is equipped with Meridian Audio system as standard

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