HiPhi Z Deliveries reach to 1000 Units, with 12% of Twin Flagship Owners.

After HiPhi X topped in the luxury EV model over 500,000 RMB sales volume in 2022, the second flagship model, HiPhi Z, of HiPhi hit the 1000 deliveries, becoming the bestseller in the luxury BEV segment at 600,000 RMB level. With TECHLUXE® technological and luxurious experience, HiPhi X and HiPhi Z are highly acclaimed by users and the market, indicating that HiPhi’s “twin flagships” strategy has been successfully implemented.


As the benchmark of global luxury EV, HiPhi integrated the world’s leading resources and advanced technology, which equipped the company with technological prowess to produce high-end and luxurious brand and production. The twin flagships continuously reach a new height and provide users with a brand-new mobility experience, which builds awareness that HiPhi is the choice for high-end electric vehicles. The twin flagships represent that the Chinese brand has secured its position in the global high-end BEV market. Meanwhile, HiPhi partners with Yonda, the leading company that owns the comprehensive sales and service chain, creating the channel development mode. The partnership combines the business concept of reaching out to customers directly, innovative user operation system and excellent industry resources together. HiPhi is fully prepared for the booming development of the twin flagships.

User reputation is an important foundation for building brand value. As a high-end electric product priced at 630,000 RMB, the success of the HiPhi Z is driven by young creators willing to innovate and take the plunge, with 12% of twin flagship owners. The HiPhi Z continues to build user confidence with its comprehensive product strength. The unique digital-mechanical aesthetic of HiPhi Z has become the basis for connecting with users, while the digital life intelligent experience and ultimate control performance of the vehicle resonate with users. HiPhi Z is a reflection of values and lifestyle.


By deepening the full lifecycle service, optimizing the production matrix and speeding up the channel development, HiPhi will further consolidate its leading position at the luxury BEV market, providing high-end products and services for the users in the new era of automobile.

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