Delegation of the UK Department for Business and Trade visits HiPhi


On April 28th, 2023, a United Kingdom government delegation led by Ceri Smith, Director General, Strategy and Investment, Department for Business and Trade, visited the Shanghai operations center of the Chinese electric car manufacturer, Human Horizons (HiPhi), where they were greeted by the Chairman and CEO of HiPhi, David Ding. During the visit, the guests test-drove HiPhi's flagship electric vehicles, the HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, and watched an audio visual performance by HiPhi's smart car, impressed by its advanced technologies.


During the meeting, David Ding warmly welcomed the delegation and expressed admiration for the UK's achievements in the automotive industry and its focus on green, low-carbon sustainable development. HiPhi recently announced a global strategy at the Shanghai International Auto Show, with Europe as its first target for overseas expansion. David Ding reinforced his belief that HiPhi could bring the luxurious and innovative travel experience already enjoyed by thousands of Chinese drivers to a broader global audience.


Ceri Smith praised China's rapid development in the past decade, particularly in the field of new energy vehicles, where China now plays a leading role. As a technology company, HiPhi has demonstrated impressive innovation and transformative power within its industry. Mr Smith welcomed HiPhi's decision to make Europe its first stop in the global strategy, and expressed hope to see HiPhi cars on the UK streets soon.

Visiting guests shared information on UK plans and policies for economic development, industrial upgrade and investment promotion. The two sides exchanged their views on green, low-carbon sustainable development and global cooperation.

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