HiPhi X Y Z Gathered at Shanghai Auto Show: Overseas Strategy Officially Launched


On 18 April, the 20th Shanghai International Auto Show officially kicked off, and HiPhi presented its twin flagships HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, as well as its third model, HiPhi Y, a technology luxury SUV, at the HiPhi Science and Art Gallery. With a futuristic and high-end new energy model and a unique art space, HiPhi deeply interprets "high level of integration" and provides a multi-dimensional and immersive viewing experience for users.

HiPhi is committed to building a global benchmark for luxury electric vehicles and has officially launched its overseas strategy. Starting from Europe and the Middle East, HiPhi's products and services will be gradually introduced to overseas markets. The HiPhi X and HiPhi Z are expected to go on sale in Europe in the third quarter of this year, with the first deliveries taking place later in the year. The HiPhi Y is expected to be ordered by the end of 2023 and delivered to users in Europe in 2024.

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HiPhi X Y Z gathered for the first time at the HiPhi Science and Art Gallery

Guided by a high level of integration in its exploration of changing the future of human mobility, HiPhi hopes to maintain a diverse and evolving brand vitality in each product and service, providing customers with a highly integrated and multi-dimensional experience.

The HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, HiPhi's twin flagships, bring together innovative technology and global resources to create a groundbreaking intelligent vehicle that has won widespread market recognition and high praise from customers for its TECHLUXE® technology and luxury experience. The HiPhi Y highly integrates the advantages of the twin flagships to create a high-end model for the luxury battery electric SUV market. The HiPhi X Y Z will create a unique mobility experience for customers around the world.

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In addition, HiPhi has combined its luxury high-end battery electric product lineup with an artistic exhibition to build the HiPhi Science and Art Gallery, which integrates sensitivity and rationality, science and technology. The five theme areas of "High Integration, Power of Imagination, Time of Space, Joy of Light and Darkness, and Key of Colour" provide users with a unique, science-and-art-driven tour.

The HiPhi Y will be delivered in the third quarter of this year

Along with the successful implementation of the twin flagship strategy, HiPhi has further improved its model lineup with the HiPhi Y, which will be delivered in the third quarter of this year. As a product on the same platform as the twin flagship models, the HiPhi Y not only inherits the technology luxury concept that has always been associated with HiPhi, but also the luxurious space and unique access experience of the HiPhi X. It also incorporates the ultimate handling and performance of the HiPhi Z, offering a new choice of premium electric SUV to customers around the world.


With a length of 4938mm, a wheelbase of 2950mm and a width of 1958mm, the HiPhi Y has a large interior space and is equipped with second generation intelligent NT doors, providing users with the convenience of "Scenario Defines Design". The range of the HiPhi Y exceeds 800 km (CLTC), making it one of the top luxury battery electric SUVs.

Starting from Europe and the Middle East, HiPhi overseas strategy is officially launched

"In the past, we made no effort to bring world brands to China, but today we want to bring Chinese brands to the world," said David Ding, founder, chairman and CEO of HiPhi. "Since its inception, HiPhi has aspired to build a global premium brand in China, so while we are deeply committed to the Chinese market, we also think globally. In 2023, we will launch our global strategy and overseas market expansion, with Europe and the Middle East as our first footprint."


The HiPhi X and HiPhi Z are expected to go on sale in Europe in the third quarter of this year, with first deliveries in 2023. The HiPhi Y, the latest global model, is expected to be ordered by the end of 2023 and delivered to users in Europe in 2024.

Germany is the third largest electric vehicle market in the world and the largest in Europe. Munich is a major business, technology and innovation hub in Germany, attracting a large number of young, innovative and breakthrough-minded people, making it a potential city in the premium battery electric vehicle segment. With friendly policies, popular green thinking and high acceptance of new energy vehicles, Oslo, Norway is a pioneering city in promoting green mobility and creating a world-leading market penetration rate for new energy vehicles. The booming new energy market in Europe provides a good opportunity and huge development space for HiPhi, and HiPhi will seize the opportunity to further contribute to the development of global sustainable transportation.



With the world premiere of the HiPhi Y, a technology luxury SUV, and the official launch of the overseas strategy, HiPhi starts a new era of "high level of integration". With an expanding high-end model lineup and full life-cycle services, HiPhi will adhere to the brand spirit of "live to create and aim high" to create a desirable future mobility experience for customers.


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