HiPhi X Y Z Shined at the Exposition on China Brand

The 2023 Exposition on China Brand kicked off on 10 May at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center. HiPhi X, the luxury battery electric supercar SUV, HiPhi Z, the luxury battery electric supercar, and HiPhi Y, the technology and luxury SUV, were unveiled for the first time at the China Brand Day. The models are owned by HiPhi, a premium intelligent BEV brand of Human Horizons, a China-based company with a global perspective


With the theme of “China Brand, Global Sharing”, the offline event of China Brand Day 2023, the Exposition on China Brand, was held from May 10 to 14, covering an exhibition area of nearly 60,000 square meters. The exposition showcased more than 900 locally selected brand enterprises and 38 central enterprises and conveyed the new momentum of the Chinese brand to the world.

The centerpiece, “1:10 model of the China Space Station” and another “national card” of high-end equipment after the high-speed railway—the model of Hualong One, the third-generation pressurized water reactor with fully independent intellectual property rights were showed at the expo. Additionally, many scientific and technological innovations such as the “Steel Mantis”, multi-terrain intelligent emergency rescue platform, which is the same model of that in “Wandering Earth 2” were displayed at the event. The Human Horizons’s three flagship models, HiPhi X, HiPhi Y and HiPhi Z all gathered at the booth, presenting the rich product portfolio and comprehensive innovative technological strength of HiPhi.

"In the past, we tried to bring global brands into China. Today, we want to bring Chinese brands to the world," said David Ding, the founder of HiPhi.

The HiPhi vehicles danced to the music performed by the on-board Meridian digital audio system as they were brought to life: the intelligent NT doors opened and closed rhythmically, and the ISD flashed and displayed the various signs. The HiPhi Bot on the HiPhi Z, the industry's first multi-axis displacement digital robot, danced freely to the music. The HiPhi Show, a sci-fi show combining science and art, vividly illustrated the infinite possibilities that China’s brands will bring to the global automotive industry. HiPhi, together with a number of “national cards” that have “gone global”, attracted worldwide attention and was highly praised by the guests and media.

HiPhi was awarded the China Brand Day - Rising Star at the event as a representative brand of premium and high-quality development.

"High fusion" HiPhi is going gloabl


Since 2017, May 10 has been designated as China Brand Day. With the theme of “China Brand, Global Sharing”, the event has become a national brand festival and an important window for the world to acknowledge and recognize China’s brands.

HiPhi means "highly integrated", which combines the Chinese character "中" with the Greek letter "Φ" as its LOGO. The company integrated the high Intelligence and the perfect proportion of Phi to name the brand as HiPhi. A global benchmark brand of luxury electric vehicles that highly integrates East and West, present and future, science and art, practicality and innovation is going global as a China's premium brand.


With the dual flagships of technology and luxury, HiPhi has topped the sales of luxury electric vehicles over 500,000 RMB in consecutive months and became the bestseller last year (data source: coverage data of compulsory liability insurance of vehicle traffic accident), surpassing the sales of foreign brands in the same class of electric vehicles such as Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in China, creating a miracle in the history of China’s brand. After over five years of development and accumulation, HiPhi announced a global strategy with the first footprint in Europe and the Middle East, and it is expected to deliver to European customers in 2023.

As HiPhi enters the global market, it has received high attention and recognition from the global media. Reuters reported that HiPhi will target the younger and open-minded consumers in the premium market. TV Tokyo has repeatedly featured the popular Chinese ultra-luxury EV, which surpasses the Taycan in sales and leads in technological innovation. The UK's Daily Telegraph and Car & Driver magazine praised HiPhi's dual flagships for the miracle they have created.

Innovation leads to premium, HiPhi accelerates to the world

The outstanding market performance and solid premium brand image are driven by technological innovation. Based on the principle of “scenario defined design, software defined vehicle and co-creation defined value”, the three industry-leading models - HiPhi X, HiPhi Y and HiPhi Z developed from scratch own unique styling and occupant experience and integrate cutting-edge concepts and sleek designs, which are the achievement of in-house developed core technologies.

Since its establishment, HiPhi has insisted on independent innovation, set up a cross-border team of more than 5,000 people, and achieved the full stack of in-house developed core technology, forming a comprehensive R&D capability of body, chassis, E/E, intelligent cockpit, ADAS, cloud communication and intelligent manufacturing. The company has also established a network with leading companies around the world, including traditional automotive supply chain giants such as Bosch, Continental and Aisin, luxury brands such as Meridian Audio, and leading chip, internet and artificial intelligence companies such as Nvidia, Qualcomm, Microsoft and Epic Games, to create products that combine advanced technology and global resources for customers. The cross-border innovative cooperation also promotes the rapid development and implementation of new technologies, leading the industry's technological development.


With the development of the brand and overseas strategy, the global layout of HiPhi will be gradually implemented. It is reported that HiPhi’s first experience shop in Munich, Germany will be opened in the near future, and will compete with world famous brands in this recognized automotive powerhouse. Relying on the strength of independent research and development, excellent product design and technological and luxurious user experience, HiPhi will represent China’s brands and shine in the world as a global benchmark for luxury electric vehicles.

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