Cars Transformed Into Intelligent Terminals, Bringing Together the Future of Life and Mobility

The 2023 CICE China International Consumer Electronics Exposition kicked off recently. Rollable smart touch screen, frame TV, smart phones, tablets, wearable and "paper-like eye protection display" devices, VR motion seat that can create natural sensation, etc. were shown on the expo. In addition to the new products with futuristic technology that everyone is looking forward to, smart cars have become a highlight of the exhibition.



Besides the global consumer electronics industry leading companies such as Huawei, Samsung, Sony, Nintendo and BOE, and up-and-coming companies such as DJI and Raytheon, HiPhi, the global benchmark for luxury smart cars, gathered all its flagship models, HiPhi X, HiPhi Y and HiPhi Z, to demonstrate the cutting-edge technology that enables smart mobility.



Screens can dance? Can cars program themselves? Will the car of the future be just a means of transport?

These questions were answered by the HiPhi Show, a science fiction show that integrated science and art:

The intelligent NT doors of the HiPhi X opened and closed rhythmically, and the images on the Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) alternated between starry skies and hearts.

The HiPhi Bot, a multi-axis displacement digital robot in the HiPhi Z, danced like a 'digital life', with images changing as it rotated.



The immersive car performance not only transported the audience to the future 20 years from now, but also allowed them to experience the “scenario intelligence” of technological and luxurious smart cars.


Based on the self-developed H-SOA electrical and electronic architecture, HiPhi has realized the decoupling of hardware and software, and produced "software-defined cars". The intelligent cockpit is no longer a simple overlay of navigation, voice and entertainment functions, users can develop and deploy multiple application scenarios through the "HiPhi Play" platform by reorganizing a range of functions such as lighting, fragrance, audio and seats, and can also create thousands of new scenarios for a personalized experience. Users are able to create, share and download scenario cards to enhance the performance of the cars.

Over a year since its launch, HiPhi Play has attracted more than 1,500 users to co-create over 5,000 scenario cards that have been downloaded 130,000 times, with a usage rate of 70%. With the full-scenario intelligence, the car is no longer a mobility tool simply, but an intelligent and customized mobility space.



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