Qualcomm Tech Summit - David Ding of HiPhi: Relationship Between OEMs and Chipmakers--Opening up and Co-created Collaboration

On 25-26 May, at the Qualcomm Automotive Summit 2023, HiPhi unveiled the world's first mass-produced 5G+V2X model, HiPhi X, and the second flagship model, HiPhi Z, demonstrating the future-oriented strength of a new generation of digital intelligent cockpit and car-side 5G platform. David Ding, Chairman of HiPhi, was invited to attend the event and delivered a speech at the main session, "Our products are not only the work of HiPhi, but also the result of our joint creation with outstanding partners like Qualcomm. By opening up and collaborating with chip makers, we will provide users with smarter, safer and more interesting mobility products", David stated.


With the theme of "Together, we redefine the car", Qualcomm cooperated with hundreds of industrial chain partners to demonstrate cutting-edge technologies and offer product experiences, and more than 1,000 partners and professional visitors attended the summit. As a representative of luxury intelligent vehicle, HiPhi showcased the groundbreaking achievements of the future of mobility, such as smart cabin and 5G+V2X.

Frank Meng, chairman of Qualcomm China, highly appreciated HiPhi's gains in the field of intelligent connected vehicles, "Electric vehicles, autonomous driving and the growing demand for personalised in-car experiences are critical trends in the automotive industry. We are delighted to continuously work with leading technology companies like HiPhi that are full of innovation and profound technology to promote the industry's technological innovation in the field of intelligent vehicles and mobility, create the world's most advanced intelligent products and experiences, and together achieve this milestone and usher in a new era of automotive evolution."


Speaking at the "Accelerating the Future of Intelligent Connected Vehicles" session, David Ding, Founder, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi, said, "The impact of chips on the automotive industry will become increasingly significant, just as the development of smartphones has changed our lives, intelligent vehicles will change our mobility. We have oined forces with top industry partners to achieve many industry firsts and create breakthrough products that will enable HiPhi's products to lead users into the future era of intelligence".

The HiPhi X is the world's first mass-produced 5G+V2X vehicle, featuring the world's leading and highly distinctive H-SOA open superbody electrical and electronic architecture which is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive 5G platform and the Qualcomm Snapdragon Automotive Digital Cockpit platform, supporting a range of features such as immersive graphics, multimedia and computer vision, providing occupants with a higher level of connectivity and an immersive and intelligent in-car experience. It also enables 5G, C-V2X communication and high precision positioning services (V2X functionality will be realized via subsequent OTA under certain hardware and software conditions, as required by national laws and regulations).


Visitors and media are experiencing the future intelligent mobility model performed by HiPhi X

Another popular exhibit, the HiPhi Z, a luxury electric supercar, also attracted the attention of the media and the audience. The HiPhi Bot, a multi-axis displacement intelligent digital robot in the cockpit, moved freely to the music and shimmered with dazzling lights. The HiPhi Z is equipped with the new HiPhi OS system, powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8155 in-car chip, and the Unreal Engine real-time rendering technology in the on-board unit to achieve real-time HMI interaction and "one-shot" smooth operation, creating a slicker and stable man-machine interaction interface and a high integration of performance and intelligence.


At the event, HiPhi Z also demonstrated the "one-touch" HiPhi Play scenario intelligence function. This is developed through the design principle of "design defined by scenario, car defined by software, value defined by co-creation" and the highly open, powerful computing efficiency, software and hardware decoupling, and entirely self-developed H-SOA super body electrical and electronic architecture platform driven by end-cloud collaborative AI. It enables HiPhi's iconic doors to become a unique and intelligent entry and exit system, providing efficient and intelligent solutions for complicated and personalized scenarios. Through HiPhi Play, users can realize more functions with a single click, or create their own exclusive scenario cards, which can be shared and downloaded in the community with in-car cloud technology, enabling a constantly updated and direct human-vehicle interaction experience. By the end of March, HiPhi Play scenario cards had been used more than 17 million times, saving users a total of approximately 14,000 hours. The usage rate was over 70%, with more than 1,500 users participating in the creation of nearly 5,000 cards.


Integrating the essence of the traditional automotive industry with the strength of AI, Internet, information and communication technologies, HiPhi will continue to make joint efforts with Qualcomm and other global partners to move from the Chinese market to the global market, leading and promoting the development of the intelligent vehicle industry by creating more products and applications of cutting-edge technologies.

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