Human Horizons Undertook the 10th China-SAE VCAP Symposium

The 10th China-SAE VCAP Symposium 2023 kicked off on 27 June and run through 29 June in Yancheng, Jiangsu. As the organizer, Human Horizons presented its premium smart electric vehicles, HiPhi X and HiPhi Z at the forum.


With the theme of "Approaching Human Horizons - Highly Integrated, Technology Leading", the symposium was hosted by the China Society of Automotive Engineering (SAE) and the Automotive Corrosion Prevention and Aging Committee of SAE, and organized by Human Horizons. Since 2013, the VCAP forum has developed into a cross-industry and cross-section information exchange and high-end sharing platform, becoming the largest and most authoritative academic platform in the field of corrosion prevention and aging technology in the domestic automotive industry. The conference conducted professional technical communication on corrosion prevention and ageing technology, and new technologies and equipment were demonstrated to the public. The forum gathered more than 140 OEMs and related suppliers, with nearly 400 participants.

The forum also witnessed the establishment of the editorial committee for Automotive Ageing Technical Manual and the review of the manual’s catalogue. As the organizer of this forum, Human Horizons worked in tandem with the Automotive Corrosion Prevention and Aging Committee to develop the specifications of the automotive ageing industry for the first time, jointly edited the manual, particularly the critical chapter, The Analysis of Corrosion Failure Cases, and assisted the SAE to produce the manual’s catalogue.

The automotive industry is constantly evolving as technology develops. During the revolution, the basic needs of safety, durability, energy efficiency, environmental protection, aesthetics and comfort found themselves caught in users’ crosshairs, while corrosion prevention and ageing technology is also one of the key areas of development in automotive technology.

Wei Zheng, VP of Vehicle Engineering of Human Horizons, said: “We are delighted to undertake the VCAP symposium and we appreciate China SAE for providing such a platform for information sharing. The changes in the automotive industry brought about by new energy and intelligent connectivity made China a fertile ground for breeding innovation and high-end products. Human Horizons hopes to bring China’s high-end products to the world with technological innovation. In addition, with the application of new technologies and materials in various fields such as corrosion prevention and aging, the world can experience the achievements of China's automotive development.”


Dedicated to providing customers with a technological luxury experience, HiPhi conducts corrosion resistance and ageing tests to the most stringent technical standards and time requirements, and carries out process control from materials to components to vehicles to ensure the surface treatment process meets the standards. The application of a large number of aluminum alloy materials enables the product to excel in lightweight and corrosion resistance.

As a technology company born to be a global brand, Human Horizons takes into account the differences between countries and regions, using behaviors, operating environment in the layout of anti-corrosion and ageing technology and tests to set reasonable anti-corrosion and ageing targets and a rigorous design and development system of performance, cost, quality, efficiency and environmental protection. The HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, which has been highly praised in the domestic market, have recently been granted the European approval and have officially started to be licensed and sold in Germany and Norway. The third model, HiPhi Y, will also be launched on 15 July. Through the rich product line and well-equipped technology matrix of the three vehicles, HiPhi will continue to bring technological and luxury mobility experience to customers around the world.

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