Meridian Audio joined forces with HiPhi, creating a technological and luxurious audio system for HiPhi Y

Meridian Audio released the latest cooperative outcome—HiPhi Y, technological and luxurious SUV, on its official website. Drawing on its rich technology accumulation, Meridian has worked with HiPhi to create astonishing in-car listening experiences. Already China’s best-selling premium EV brand, HiPhi Y debuted in Europe at this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed from 13 to 16 July.


The HiPhi Y builds on the brand’s TECHLUXE® concept, combining technology, luxury and space with extreme performance. To meet its ambitions for the audio experience, Human Horizons brought Meridian’s specialists into their team at an early stage for underlying structure design and acoustic layout.



Together, the two companies integrated Meridian’s advanced audio technologies into the cockpit experience, customized the hardware configuration and tuning to match the acoustic characteristics of the HiPhi Y cockpit, spent months on comprehensive measurements and tuning of the vehicle's audio system, and developed and optimised the HMI (Human Machine Interface). Combined with the unique NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness) of the luxury electric SUV, it ensured that the audio system is optimised for and the HiPhi Y's cabin acoustic features, providing a real, lively and natural sound experience.


“Together we were able to deliver a high quality system that meets the stringent acoustic requirements of Meridian Audio and the avant-garde design language of HiPhi without the frustrating compromises that can occur when audio isn’t considered until the interior design is largely fixed. Our specialists in psychoacoustics were able to influence key interior design decisions such as speaker placement, size, mounting and covering materials,” explains Meridian Audio CEO, John Buchanan.

Since 2010, Meridian has been working with emerging luxury automotive brands to create astonishing in-cabin listening experiences for intelligent cockpit applications, such as music, movie, game, etc. Meridian and Human Horizons has built up cooperative relationship from 2020. The bespoke audio systems on HiPhi X and HiPhi Z provide a TECHLUXE® listening experience.

This cooperation is beneficial for rising up global market challenges and development. “HiPhi is already established in China so the new vehicle had to encompass the high-tech perspective of luxury that is dominant in that market,” Buchanan continues. “Yet as the brand’s debut car in Europe, HiPhi Y also has to appeal to more traditional European definitions of luxury. Both companies thought deeply about how that should influence all attributes of the sound system and its HMI.”

Buchanan also points out that the pace at which Human Horizons operates was both impressive and challenging. “Our programme management and attention to detail was expected to be more than world-class,” he states. “Because this is the third HiPhi vehicle to be specified with Meridian’s technologies, they knew they could trust us and could push us hard to meet ambitious timing and performance targets.”

A Meridian audio system is available in two vehicle trim levels: Sonic Line with 16 speakers and Sonic Pro with 25 speakers. Both systems include 2 standard capability, which refers to exclusive speakers in the driver’s head rest enabling optimised sound quality and clarity and can also provide navigation and other warning sounds while minimising disturbance of other vehicle occupants.


To take HiPhi system into manufacturing, Meridian worked with HiPhi’s hardware supplier to optimise the performance, technical specifications, weight, and packaging requirements for each hardware component, ensuring every components met the Meridian’s standard.

Technical Specifications

Meridian Audio is groundbreaking in audio products and signal processing, enabling the automotive sound system to be upgraded regardless of the hardware platform. As the core of the HiPhi sound system, Meridian Audio technologies are suitable for various environments and allow users to customise management.



When listening to two-channel stereo recordings in automotive cabin the "sweet-spot" where accurate imaging is experienced is very small and if the listener is even slightly off-axis the imaging breaks down. Furthermore, occupants in the cabin sit relatively close to the loudspeakers, which makes it even more challenging. Meridian Horizon adopts an adaptive upmixing to psychoacoustically optimise sound localization cues, creating a natural and stable imaging.

Noise conditions in cabin is variable all the time, which poses great challenges for acoustic performance. Intelli-Q is a suite of optimisation technologies that analyses data available from the vehicle, such as occupants, windows state, speed, etc., to automatically optimise the in-cabin audio experience.


Digital Precision maximises the signal-to-noise ratio of the digital audio, ensuring the finest details are retained whilst reducing listening fatigue. RE-Q intelligently and discreetly optimises the audio system to the precise acoustics of the listening space, preserving the natural rhythm of the performance. True Time is Meridian's apodising filter technology that mitigates the potential lossy compression by converting pre-echo to post-echo.


About Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio is an award-winning pioneer of innovation in audio technology. In the automotive industry, it has achieved rapid growth. In the home audio sector, Meridian is renowned for its high fidelity and surround sound theatre products which are used in mansions and yachts. In the demanding automotive cockpit environment, the company has been leading in DSP (Digital Signal Processing) and other software technologies, with a strong foundation in electronics, hardware integration and system tuning. Meridian Audio’s in-car audio system solution has earned the trust of many visionary automotive brands, which is the icing on the cake. Meridian Audio is a technology-driven company that spends up to 15% of revenues on research and development, ensuring a sustainable momentum for innovation and improvement.

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