Revolutionizing Vehicle Interactions: Human Horizons' Intelligent Interactive Lighting System Unlocks Infinite Possibilities

For many, digital pets such as Tamagotchi, QQ Pets, and Pokémon remain unforgotten pieces of their childhood memories. In a reminiscent move during this year's Children's Day, Human Horizons HiPhi introduced three adorable digital characters - Mech Dog, Magic Cat, and Sci-Fi Rabbit, accessible through the "Digital Light" application on their HiPhi X and HiPhi Z models. This has enabled users to adopt a cute virtual companion that "lives" within the car lights, harkening back to those cherished moments of their past.

Car lights have evolved from mere illumination tools to robust systems for personalized interaction, turning cars into smart terminals. Human Horizons' HiPhi X and HiPhi Z models boast of the brand's signature "PML Programmable Projection Headlamp + ISD Intelligent Interactive Light" set, which from the first day of release, have served as hallmarks of high-end intelligent electric vehicles.

The history of car lights nearly can trace back to the inception of automobiles. From early gas lights and candles to electric car headlights, halogen lamps, xenon lamps, and LED lights, nighttime roads have become less mysterious and hazardous. With advancements in technology, we've seen the birth of highly recognizable car lights, which gradually serve as "identity tags" for vehicles.

In the era of intelligent vehicles, application of intelligent network technology necessitates lights that not only illuminate but do so "intelligently." Human Horizons' HiPhi X, the company's flagship model, took the lead in adopting an evolvable and customizable digital lighting system, powered by PML programmable smart headlights and ISD intelligent interactive lights. This core lighting group perceives the driving environment and the vehicle's status, achieving full-scene adaptive illumination.

The PML programmable smart headlights feature an independent computing platform and night vision camera, equipped with a leading digital micromirror projection chip. This smartly "slices" the light beam projected from the LED light source, ensuring intelligent precise control. In addition, it recognizes driving scenarios and intelligently adjusts the light type and illumination function. The headlight system can also project texts and images for communication purposes.

The mass-produced ISD intelligent interactive lights consist of four LED matrices composed of thousands of LED light sources. In regular driving, they act as additional daytime running lights, position lights, turn signals, brake lights, and reversing lights, creating a unique visual model. In specific scenarios, they can display personalized emoticons, facilitating communication with the outside world.

With the second flagship model, HiPhi Z, Human Horizons took this intelligent interactive light group a step further. The innovative vehicle features a unique side-door ISD intelligent interactive light system that, aside from regular light language effects, supports custom editing of up to 20 English characters. The car's front and rear PML programmable headlights and ISD intelligent interactive lights still can also project texts, videos, and various light language effects.

The coordination of sensors and actuators in the intelligent digital light system is backed by Human Horizons' self-developed H-SOA super body electronic and electrical architecture. This architecture breaks down barriers between hardware, allowing the car lights to collect and process information, and promptly provide corresponding feedback.

The intelligent interactive light system in Human Horizons' HiPhi cars showcases the infinite possibilities of future intelligent transportation. A beam of light or a "look" can speak volumes, adding an intelligent interactive experience. The tech-driven approach of Human Horizons and the high-end technological experience reflected in its two flagship models consolidate its position and uniqueness in the market. With the recent release of the third model, HiPhi Y, enthusiasts are eagerly anticipating the next evolution of the intelligent interactive light system.

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