Harnessing Large AI Models for Intelligent Driving: Insights from the 2023 WAIC Forum in Shanghai

The 2023 World Artificial Intelligence Conference (WAIC) held a high-end forum in Shanghai on July 8th, discussing cutting-edge AI models and intelligent driving innovations. Human Horizons' HiPhi has been part of this prestigious gathering where industry experts delved deep into how large models empower smart driving.

Dubbed as one of the most influential AI events worldwide, the WAIC champions the convergence of groundbreaking ideas, technologies, and industrial trends within the AI sphere. This year, under the theme "Intelligent World, Generative Future," the focus was on the development of general AI, fostering a conducive environment for innovation, embracing the era of intelligence, and outlining the future of the industry.

At the forum, Dr. Chu Linbo, the head of Human Horizons' vehicle-road collaboration business, presented research and development progress and sector evolution insights in smart mobility, using project cases as reference. Human Horizons envisions technologies like AI, 5G, and edge computing fueling the future of travel. Vehicle-road collaboration as a direction for intelligent driving is seen as a crucial bridge connecting cars and cities.

2023 is an explosive year for large AI models, with both domestic and international AI technologies making rapid advances. Multimodal large models, as the frontier AI technology, have broad application prospects within the industry. Through AI models, Human Horizons is driving the vehicle-road-cloud collaboration process, embracing software-defined cars and a model-driven future. The company is constructing a holistic smart mobility system, integrating 5G, vehicle-road collaboration, cloud computing, and AI for an efficient, precise, and safe future travel. Using 5G V2X vehicle-road-cloud collaboration technology, Human Horizons aims to seamlessly connect truly intelligent cars with smart roads, reaching an advanced level of intelligent driving.

David Ding, the founder of Human Horizons, once shared a view that intelligent electric vehicles would integrate smart energy, smart traffic, and smart cities, effectively connecting cars, energy, transportation, and cities. Through the utilization of 5G, vehicle-road collaboration, big data, cloud computing, and AI, the company has created several operational demonstration projects for smart cities and smart transportation.

In the realm of intelligent vehicles, HiPhi introduced ultra-luxury intelligent electric vehicles --supercar, HiPhi Z. Equipped with a multi-axis displacement arm intelligent digital robot, HiPhi Bot, it infuses the mechanical arm with intelligence and adjusts the control screen to the optimum angle for an engaging interaction.

On July 15, 2023 HiPhi launched its third model, HiPhi Y, presenting more unique intelligent scenarios, further expanding the brand's luxurious tech-savvy product lineup.

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