HiPhi X Intelligent Comfort in Motion with High-Performance Dynamic Chassis

In the evolving world of electric vehicles, the integration of intelligence and technology is more than just a selling point — it's a necessity. A shining example of this is the high-performance dynamic chassis of the Human Horizons' HiPhi X. This critical structure undergirds the vehicle body and powertrain while offering a seamless integration point for other essential electric vehicle systems. The result is a chassis that directly contributes to vehicle safety, performance dynamics, and comfort levels.

At the heart of the HiPhi X's dynamic chassis is an air suspension system, which works in tandem with a Continuous Damping Control (CDC) shock absorber system. With the addition of front double-wishbone and rear five-link suspensions, this arrangement ensures the vehicle maintains an optimum state for a luxurious ride.

The CDC shock absorption system enables real-time adjustments to the hardness of the suspension on each wheel. It can operate at a frequency of 100 times per second, responding to road conditions in real time and making adjustments for optimal comfort and handling. Whether it's enhancing handling stability on smooth roads or softening the ride on rough terrains, the CDC system delivers. It can counteract squat during acceleration and dive during braking, adding another layer of stability during cornering.

The air suspension system takes versatility to new heights, providing the HiPhi X with a four-level height adjustment that significantly improves safety and adaptability. It adjusts the suspension height based on speed, accommodating various road conditions with ease. And thanks to its special closed-loop air supply, it reduces working noise by 25% while trimming energy consumption by 5%.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of this chassis is its capacity for intelligent evolution. It identifies current road conditions through edge computing and cloud algorithms. This information shapes subsequent suspension adjustments for optimized performance. 

Embodying the brand's spirit of being "passionate about creation," the HiPhi X’s high-performance dynamic chassis demonstrates how Human Horizons' HiPhi merges intelligence and technology seamlessly. While it is a highlight of the HiPhi vehicles, it's just a taste of the future mobility that this brand is bringing to life. The best way to understand this fusion of comfort, intelligence, and performance is to experience it firsthand. So, why not take the HiPhi X for a spin?

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