HiPhi Y Showed at 2023 ChinaJoy with Full-Scenario Digital Cockpit Creating Mobile Entertainment Experience

On 28 July, 2023 ChinaJoy (the 20th China Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference) officially kicked off in Shanghai. HiPhi, the global benchmark for luxury electric vehicles, unveiled its HiPhi Y technology luxury SUV in the hardcore technology exhibition area of Snapdragon Hall. The full-scenario digital cockpit represents the evolution of intelligent technology, providing a brand new immersive experience for technology and gaming enthusiasts, and ushering in a new era of mobile entertainment.



Partnering with Qualcomm and NetEase Games to Create Cross-intelligent Terminal Entertainment Experience

During the exhibition, HiPhi, Qualcomm and NetEase Games spearheaded the crossover cooperation in the industry. Qualcomm's high-performance chips, NetEase's NBA-authorized mobile game and HiPhi's new masterpiece, the benchmark of technological luxury, are perfectly integrated to create a unique experience of intelligent entertainment. The traditional way of mobile entertainment is completely transformed by the HiPhi Y's full-scenario digital cockpit.

Players at the event competed on HiPhi Y equipped with Snapdragon platform, on the smart phones and the on handheld game consoles by playing the NetEase’s latest streetball video game, Dunk City Dynasty. This enables players from different terminals to compete together, and enjoy an immersive entertainment experience at anytime, anywhere, seamlessly and uniformly.

The HiPhi team, made up of HiPhi car owners, took part in the game competition, playing basketball with other players on mobile phones, handheld consoles and in-vehicle unit.


As one of the most well-known and influential annual events in the field of global digital entertainment, ChinaJoy has brought countless wonderful gaming experiences and constantly innovative digital entertainment products over the past two decades, and many groundbreaking and revolutionary technological achievements have been presented in the exhibition. HiPhi Y, which has just been launched globally, made its debut at this digital entertainment event and its unrivalled intelligent technology has become a famous site of the exhibition.


Xu Bin, General Manager of Brand and Marketing Communications of HiPhi, and representatives from Qualcomm and eco-partner companies gathered together to open the Snapdragon Hall. The four-day digital entertainment event was officially opened.


Intelligent and Advanced HiPhi Y Starts a New Mobility Experience

The innovation of extraordinary mobility experience comes from HiPhi’s ultimate pursuit of intelligent experience. As another masterpiece on the same platform as the dual flagship models, HiPhi Y inherits the TECHLUXE® technology and luxury DNA by carrying over the luxurious space and unique entry/exit experience of HiPhi X and combining the optimal handling and performance of HiPhi Z. It is the technology and luxury SUV created by HiPhi for the young pioneers around the world.


The HiPhi Y’s futuristic and technological appearance, dancing intelligent NT doors, and unique technological hardcore equipment in the front and rear rows have been highlighted in ChinaJoy.

Entering the HiPhi Y's smart cabin, a three-integrated screens consisting of a 12.3-inch full LCD instrument screen + 15-inch HD front passenger screen + 17-inch OLED central control screen comes into view. All trim levels of HiPhi Y is equipped with Qualcomm 8155 and QCS8250 chips as standard. The Qualcomm 8155 chip in the central control screen provides efficient computing and smooth interaction for the HiPhi Y's onboard unit. The front passenger screen is independently driven by Qualcomm QCS8250 chip, which can meet the demands of entertainment scenario with high performance. It has become the top gun in the front passenger screens with fast response and low latency. Owing to the industry-leading dual-scenario and dual-chip specification, HiPhi enhances, HiPhi enhanced the functional stability of the onboard unit and the smooth operation of the entertainment screen. Intelligent technology configuration and strong gaming performance make HiPhi Y a distinctive intelligent entertainment terminal in 2023 ChinaJoy, creating a more interesting private gaming space for players.

Bringing China's Luxury Electric Vehicles to the World with Intelligent Technology Innovation

Based on the innovative concept of “Design Defined by Scenario, Vehicle Defined by Software, and Value Defined by Co-creation ", HiPhi designed the products from the usage scenarios and created the benchmark of technology and luxury intelligent electric vehicles, the HiPhi X, HiPhi Z and HiPhi Y. These models in futuristic styling are based on the self-developed H-SOA super-body electronic and electrical architecture. Through the co-creation with users, HiPhi achieves a groundbreaking "full-scenario intelligence" in the industry, and realizes the personalized intelligent experience. HiPhi’s iconic intelligent entry/exit system and intelligent ISD are innovative designs in the world, creating more interactive experiences of human to vehicles, vehicles to human, and vehicles to environment, and providing users with a sense of innovation that is different from traditional vehicles and a sense of ritual.


Today, HiPhi has entered the global market with the implementation of a global strategy. In 2023, HiPhi will land in overseas markets starting from Europe and the Middle East. HiPhi X and HiPhi Z are already available on the European market. HiPhi Y was launched globally on 15 July with a price of RMB 339,000-449,000 and was officially delivered in China at the end of July. It is expected to be available for pre-order in Europe later this year.


*Dunk City Dynasty will be available by OTA

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