HiPhi Z won the Gold Award of 2023 French Design Award (FDA)

A few days ago, the world-renowned French Design Awards (FDA)) announced its list of winners in 2023. As a Premium Electric Vehicle in China, HiPhi Z stood out among all entries and won the Gold Award. HiPhi models impress the world first with its unique aesthetics. We embrace contrasts to create unique combination, which differ from traditional design language. That's why all the HiPhi models stand out with this avant-garde design.


As the art and design capital of the world, France is leading in global fashion trend. The French Design Award (FDA) is a prestigious international awards platform, celebrating excellence and innovation in the realm of creative design. The annual release of award winners has been attracting much attention due to its significance influence in design trends, of which Gold Award is the highest honor, of which the rate is only 1%.

HiPhi Z, a luxury electric supercar GT, as the second flagship of HiPhi, continues the TECHLUXE® DNA of HiPhi, and it stands out with futuristic appearance, digital life and intelligent maneuverability. HiPhi Z, was christened as the "Digital GT," breaking away from the traditional GT model's stereotypical low, fluid contour, bring the future sci-fi work into reality with mechanical design and dynamic posture, thus pioneering new aesthetic design language of GT cars.


HiPhi Z has a number of unconventional designs that are creative and stunning. For example, Start Ring ISD (Intelligent Signal Display) lights and robot arm with multi-axis movement-HiPhi Bot are definitely regarded as a new genre. These features redefine the intelligent interaction and bring a life-like experience between the car and the users. Based on HiPhi’s cutting edge H-SOA Superbody Electrical and Electronic architecture, the intelligent hardware and software can be decoupled to provide personalized display of functions. Moreover, 3D digital car, HiPhi Show and HiPhi Play and other functions bring unrivalled driving and riding experience with unique design and intelligent technology.


HiPhi remains true to its original aspiration of "Create Masterpiece, Not only Commodities" to deliver unique products to customers. HiPhi Z breaks away from the traditional design of sports car with ultra-futuristic design, and winning the Gold Award of 2023 French Design Award also reveals the strength and charm of Chinese Design.

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