First Appearance of HiPhi’s Three Models in 2023 Chengdu Auto Show

25th, August, 2023—2nd, September, 2023

HiPhi Science & Art Gallery Exhibition in Chengdu Auto Show

With Multiple Themed Spaces and Diverse Artistic Interactive Experiences

Presents a Fusion of Science and Art

Welcome On Board to a Visual Feast with HiPhi


HiPhi Y, TechLuxe® SUV Come With Wings

Standard configuration of Second-Generation Smart NT wing door and 

All-speed active rear wheel steering

Up to 810km range (under CLTC test), with the industry’s first application of HiPhi Port, a fixation easy to connect and disconnect with multiple accessories for versatile scenarios

Base price from 339,000 RMB

When the wing doors activate, it does remind of a spaceship with its ceremonial and technical opening, and HiPhi Y is seen as a convertible spaceship.

Count down on HiPhi Y’s package benefits!

Only available for the last six days!

Down payment before 31st, August!

Get free upgrade of package worth 16,000 RMB!

Time-limited offer only for August 

5-years warranty or 150,000 km warranty[]

8-years warranty or 160,000 km warranty1

Free lifetime roadside assistance1

Free lifetime in-car 5G internet connection (10G/month)1

Annualized rates start from 2.99%3

Replacement of old cars with 3 years of free maintenance4

Free upgrade of immersive audio set and lidar1、[]

Luxury Digital GT - HiPhi Z puts on its “makeup” and becomes an A-lister in Chengdu Auto Show 


HiPhi × DC Town「CyberPunk Panda Film on HiPhi Z」

Contrast between Digital Machine and Cute Panda film creates an unconventional yet fantastic chemistry

Brisk and adorable!

Luxury Electric Super Sports SUV-HiPhi X combines aesthetic and performances without compromising one or the other


Elevated Experience from Super SUV

Gullwing doors and rear-opening doors serve the unique user experience of an elegant and stylish entry and exit of the car

Intelligent Signal Display (ISD) enables an unprecedented level of interaction with safety reminders and dynamic interactive graphics

Immersive smart cockpit brings unrivalled driving & riding experience. 

Eligibility conditions: Down payment of ¥5,000 RMB per vehicle before 31st, August, 2023, configuration selection is done, and pick up the car and activate it by December 31, 2023; The detailed content and specific rules are subject to the article of HiPhiY Purchase Rights and Interests Description in August 2023, and the lifetime rights and interests are only available to the first non-operating car owner; )

2The Immersive Audio Set and LiDAR are only standard on HiPhiY Elite and Flagship version, and are not subject to this limited-time event

3Rates refer to annualized rates, and the financial services are provided by HiPhi partnered banks and financial institutions, and the specific loan interest rate varies depending on the lending bank, amount and number of installments

4This benefit is only applicable to the replacement through the official channels of HiPhi, and the maintenance is once every 1 year or 20,000 kilometers)

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