Face to Face with Industry Leaders — Shenzhen Venture Capital Family Enterprise Enters HiPhi

Recently, the "Industry Leaders Face to Face” event, held by Shenzhen Capital Group (SCGC), was held in Qingdao, with a total of 17 enterprise representatives from the big family of SCGC participating in the event. Executive leaders of Engineering, Financing, Supply Chain and other business lines of Human Horizons gathered together with entrepreneurs from SCGC, who has made investment in human horizons, discussed and exchanged the latest trends, technological sharing and opportunities in supply chain.


Shenzhen Capital Group (SCGC) is the largest venture capital institution in China, with a total fund size of about 450 billion yuan, and was ranked first among local venture capital institutions from 2016 to 2022.

Electric vehicle is an emerging industry that has attracted much attention worldwide, and the transition from a major automobile country to an automobile power is the only way for China to go through. It is a significant measure to address climate change from strategic perspective, and promote green development. At the beginning of 2022, SCGC thought highly of HiPhi, the domestic high-end EV under Human Horizons, and invested its parent company. So far, as a premium electric vehicle leader in China, HiPhi has been widely recognized both at home and abroad.


Shenzhen Capital University, a brand empowered by SCGC, consolidates the group's resources from varied industries, aiming to build a cooperation and exchange platform between industry leaders and enterprises invested by SCGC, and explore opportunities for industrial integration, business innovation and resource sharing.


Li Shouyu, vice president of SCGC, said the group has been giving close attention to the invested enterprises and providing continuous support. HiPhi, as a leader in premium EV segment, is one of the most important invested enterprises in SCGC’s EV portfolio in recent years. Today, people took the test drive of HiPhi cars and personally felt the powerful handling and great performance, saw the passion and romance of the band, and witnessed the manufacturing strength and pioneering spirit in innovation of Chinese brands. We organized a group of invested enterprises, which is in the upstream and downstream supply chains of EV, to pay a visit to HiPhi, aiming to explore the opportunities provided by the platform, and empower relevant enterprises. It is of great wish that all enterprises can learn and gain something today, and grow into great enterprises together in the near future!


Ding Lei, founder, chairman and CEO of Human Horizons, said at the event that, I really appreciate the event held by Shenzhen Capital Group, convening its big family and paying a visit to HiPhi in Qingdao. In January 2022, HiPhi officially established its base in Qingdao, aiming to build Qingdao as its headquarter for manufacturing, sales and research and development. HiPhi, the high-end premium EV brand, has won the recognition from the market both at home and abroad. Internationalization and scale up are the core strategic goals of HiPhi for its next stage development. As a member of the Shenzhen Capital Family, we hope to cooperate with enterprises in the supply chain both upstream and downstream, and support each other in the future, form an industrial cluster to promote the rapid development of intelligent electric vehicle in Qingdao, and join hands for new splendor of Chinese brands.


During the presentation session, the 17 enterprises which invested in Human Horizons introduced their companies, products and needs respectively for quick match in business. This event is not only the beginning of the cooperation between SCGC and HiPhi, but also a comprehensive integration of supply chain resources in Shenzhen Capital Group.

During the event, the participants took a test ride and drove HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, as well as the newly launched TechLuxe® SUV HiPhi Y, in the beautiful coastal enclosed venue of Qingdao, and they all spoke highly of the futuristic driving experience brought by HiPhi cars.

"Industry Leaders Face to Face" series, held by Shenzhen Capital University, concluded its visit to HiPhi in Qingdao. With the advantages of industrial resources, SCGC not only helps enterprises catch up with the trends in technology, acquisition of talents and capital, but also assists invested enterprises to explore new opportunities with a broader perspective, and promotes the synergy between invested enterprises and industrial leaders.

As an innovative high-tech company focusing on the future mobility, HiPhi, the electric vehicle brand under Human Horizons, integrates the essence of the traditional automobile industry with the Internet, Information, Communication and Artificial Intelligence, under the guidance of the "Three Smart Strategies" of Smart Vehicles, Smart transportation and Smart cities, and build itself into a global benchmark in premium electric vehicle, with organized and professional teams, strong in-house development capabilities and resource integration, in the creation of its epoch-making models, HiPhi X, HiPhi Z and HiPhi Y. HiPhi X was the annual sales champion of luxury electric vehicles sold over 500,000 yuan in 2022, redefining the luxury pure electric SUV market. HiPhi Y, since its global release at the end of July 2023, the monthly sales has exceeded 1,000 units. In 2023, HiPhi X and HiPhi Z will be available for sale in Germany and Norway, and globalization strategy will officially kick off from Europe and the Middle East.

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