HiPhi was invited to attend 2023 Intelligent Mobility Design Conference

The IMDC Intelligent Mobility Design Conference 2023 just concluded under the theme of "Infinite". China Car Design International Summit (CCDIS), the main forum of the conference gathered a group of designers and directors who are internationally renowned, to deliver the most cutting-edge speeches at the world's only international automotive platform for design directors. At this conference, Liu Nenghua, Co-Vice President of HiPhi, a premium EV brand under Human Horizons, was invited to give a keynote speech, and Nicolas HUET, Vice President of HiPhi, was invited to a roundtable dialogue to reveal the brand philosophy of High Integration and Embracing Contrast. One axis of HiPhi is scene-driven innovation and aims to redefine the future of mobility with avant-garde design. The three models of X, Y and Z are the answers to long-term persistence in innovation and creativity, and allow the world to witness charisma of Chinese brands.


华人运通Liu Nenghua, Co-Vice President of HiPhi Design, attended the unveiling ceremony of the "International Design Leaders Exchange Center" and was invited to deliver a keynote speech

Nicolas HUET, Vice President of HiPhi Design, was invited to roundtable discussion

HiPhi X:

Based on the EEA of H-SOA, the Service-Oriented Architecture, it truly helps to realize “software-defined vehicles", perfectly integrates supercar performance with luxurious space of large SUVs, a Supercar SUV, a new type of species, and delivers TechLuxe® experience with original high-end winged door and intelligent lightings of PML (Programmable Matrix Lighting) and ISD(Intelligent Signal Display). Users can create thousands of new scenes by moving and reorganizing lighting, fragrance, sound, seats and other functions in “HiPhi Play”, a platform deeply co-created with users, and delivers fresh and personalized scenarios constantly. HiPhi X also won the Gold Design Award at the 23rd China Patent Awards for its avant-garde design and intelligent technology.      


HiPhi Z:

HiPhi Z features three unique characteristics: futuristic design, digital machine, and maneuverability of the digital age. It breaks people's stereotype of traditional sports car with digital and mechanical styling, and bring future sci-fi works into reality. Low posture and graphics accentuate a dynamic silhouette. Geometrical shapes and exquisite details in color and materials creates a tasteful interior design, which resembles “an ultra-futuristic spaceship”, offering assistance with digital soul in the form of “HiPhi Bot”, an intelligent multi-axis displacement system, which realizes real-time interaction and lifelike experience.


HiPhi Y:

HiPhi Y inherits the most successful scenarios from the first 2 flagships HiPhi X and HiPhi Z, and impresses the public with its TECHLUXE® experience. It inherits big space and unique entry and exit system of HiPhi X, and equips with the ultimate handling and performance of HiPhi Z. HiPhi Y doesn’t compromise between aesthetics, practicability and comfort. All models are equipped with intelligent NT door (No Touch), full domain active rear-wheel steering and iconic intelligent lightings groups, never ends providing surprises and satisfactions to the market and HiPhi owners.


HiPhi never delivers cookie-cutter models, but aims to lead the trend with unique aesthetics and taste. Besides futuristic appearance, it also self-developed intelligent and evolvable cockpit with high reliability and high computing power, delivering convenient and smooth operation experience. HiPhi models’ uniqueness lies in its long persistence in innovation, whether it’s avant-garde design, or self-developed technologies, will surely empower its aspiration of redefining the future mobility.

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