Jiang Mianheng, the principal of ShanghaiTech University, met with Ding Lei, Chairman of HiPhi to promote strategic cooperation between industry, academia and research


On December 8, Ding Lei, Chairman and CEO of HiPhi visited the main campus of ShanghaiTech University, located in Zhang Jiang Science and Technology Park with a group of executives from the company, and held a symposia with the principal and faculty of the university and exchanged ideas and discussed the opportunities for school-enterprise cooperation. The two parties agreed to jointly promote the implementation of specific technologies on the basis of mutual understanding and coordination, accelerating the transformation of academic research into beneficial results, and fueled the EV industry with joint efforts.

Jiang Mianheng, the principal of ShanghaiTech University indicated that the University aims to cultivate talents with innovation-oriented spirit and prepare them for the future. He believed that HiPhi, as a new force in the EV industry, can forge a solid and cooperative relationship with the university, and further explored the opportunity of innovative practices, so that scientific research achievements can be transformed into real benefits to the society and the country.

Ding Lei, Chairman of HiPhi, praised the outstanding achievements in scientific field and strong innovation strength of ShanghaiTech University. The two sides jointly signed a strategic cooperation, agreed to build a platform for technical exchanges and solution discussion, which fueled HiPhi’s technological capability and enhanced its core competitiveness in the EV industry.


Jiang Ge, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and vice president of ShanghaiTech University, introduced the overall situation of the university and transformation results in R&D in the past ten years. Focusing on the frontier fields of the world's science and technology, and the major innovation needs from the country’s strategic perspective, ShanghaiTech University has been keeping a close eye on the latest progress in science and technology and reflecting it on interdisciplinary courses. It has successfully transformed some original innovation in artificial intelligence and energy science into remarkable results.


Ding Lei and his teams visited the School of Information, the School of Geology and the School of Creative Arts, and learned about the university’s advanced study and projects in information technology, intelligent manufacturing, and new energy control. The scholars and professors of the university, and the executives and professional engineers of HiPhi engaged in a detailed discussion while seeing the latest progress in artificial intelligence, AR/VR, and new material of 3D printing in the laboratory.

On November 15, HiPhi reached a strategic agreement with ShanghaiTech University to collaborate closely between industry, university and research institutions, and step up efforts to build a hub of scientific and technological innovation. With complementary advantages, it aims to integrate technology, talents, platforms, capital and other innovative resources, and form an ecosystem and facilitate the transformation of more scientific and technological achievements in Shanghai, and inject new momentum into the electric vehicle segment and even the entire technology circle.


As the first car to equip advanced scientific result from ShanghaiTech University, HiPhi A, the top supercar of the new century, allows users to enjoy the ultimate driving pleasure not only on tracks, but also on daily drives. This exceptional experience is empowered by its intelligent electric power system, high-tech and lightweight materials, omnidirectional vector chassis system and many other innovations. Once HiPhi A was launched, it immediately attracted the attention of the industry and was considered to "turn over a new leaf in the luxury car globally".

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