HiPhi won the word-of-mouth award for great driving experience

What a "nice car to drive" look like? HiPhi X, Y, Z gave a good answer to this question with flexible and stable handling experience powered by its active rear-wheel steering technology. In February this year, HiPhi Z set a new record for Chinese brands in Jingang Circuit with a lap time of 1 minute and 16.719 seconds. Equipped with CDC(Continuous Damping Control) and CIC(Chassis Integrated Control), HiPhi Y delivered ultimate driving experience to the users.

At the AutoData 2023 Conference held on November 30, HiPhi won the "Annual Word of Mouth Award for Great Driving Experience". The handling performance has not only been recognized by users, but also by the industry once again.


Behind HiPhi cars’ reputation of great driving lies in its strong capabilities in technical foundation. HiPhi has formed complete R&D and engineering capabilities in body, chassis, electronic and electrical, intelligent cockpit, intelligent assisted driving, cloud communication and intelligent manufacturing.

As the first flagship model of HiPhi, HiPhi X, a premium electric supercar SUV, brings users a unique driving experience with industry-leading scene-defined intelligence and ultimate control performance. HiPhi's original EE architecture, the H-SOA(HiPhi Service Oriented Architecture) realizes the decoupling of software and hardware, and can call different actuators through software (including lighting, sound, seat heating and other hardware), so that personalized cards with personalized functions for personalized scenarios can be achieved on all HiPhi cars. Users can create their own smart card on “HiPhi Play” by choosing different functions and programming them in certain sequence, which can call seats, air conditioning, lighting, music, opening and closing doors and adjusting windows at the same time with just one click, which sets a new benchmark for intelligent driving.


HiPhi Z, a luxury pure electric supercar, has also won praise from users for its futuristic appearance and ultimate handing performance of the digital era. In February this year, HiPhi Z set a new record for a Chinese brand at the Jingang Circuit with a lap time of 1 minute and 16.719 seconds, which demonstrated the strength as a performance electric supercar. Equipped with an intelligent multi-axis displacement system, HiPhi Bot, which has 4 degrees of freedom and can adjust in 8 ways, enables life on-board and brings smart and intelligent experience to users. HiPhi Z redefines the future of luxury pure electric supercars and was rated by foreign media as "China's S-level model"!


The TechLuxe® HiPhi Y inherits from HiPhi X’s premium interior volume and unique entry and exit system, as well as HiPhi Z’s extreme handling performance. Powered by dual chips of 8155 and 8250, it enables faster response, smarter interaction and much comprehensive ADAS functions. Equipped with CIC(Chassis Integrated Control), active rear-wheel steering, CDC(Continuous Damping Control) and many others, HiPhi Y achieved good balance between ultimate handling and comfortable driving, meeting the high demands from our customers.


Recently, HiPhi launched the top supercar of the new era, HiPhi A, a car with high intelligence and high-performance electric power system, which is fully developed in-house. Its high-tech and lightweight materials and omnidirectional vector chassis system delivers ultimate driving pleasure to users not only in closed track, but also on everyday drive. Together with the TechLuxe® family of HiPhi XYZ, HiPhi A is created to bring intelligent and exceptional handling performance of the new era.


AutoData 2023 Conference was held under the theme of "Data-driven and Integrated Innovation". It aims to find and explore more opportunities for innovation and collaboration in the industry, to further drive the development of automotive industry towards a smarter, more sustainable and connected future, and seek a new chapter in data-driven vehicles. Dr. Li Qian, Vice President of Vehicle Intelligence of HiPhi, was invited to attend the award ceremony and delivered a keynote speech on "Frontier and Prospect of Automotive Intelligent Development" at the conference.



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